2022 Brambila Method Review: Honest Thoughts From The First Guy Who Took It 

By  Dom Bavaro

 February 4, 2022

Adrian Brambila Called Me And Said, “I Have An Idea…”

Brambila Method Review DM from Adrian
The DM that started it all…

This Brambila Method review was created because I feel everyone should hear the full story of how this course came to be. I had a pivotal role in shaping this course and you can’t get this info anywhere else. This of this as a “behind the scenes” review…

I’ll talk about why Adrian reached out to me and decided that this was the program he wanted to attach his name to. I’ll talk about why we included what we included and my experiences as the first-ever person to go through The Brambila Method.

Here’s a story you won’t hear anywhere else…


The Brambila Method was created because most new affiliates were being misled by the messaging (and affiliates) of some other programs in the market despite those other programs being quite good.

Adrian reached out to me and enlisted my help to create a program that will teach the complete beginner how to make money online WITHOUT promoting courses or spending money on upsells & tools.

After sending me through it and getting my approval, we enlisted 100 beta members to go through it. After they signed off on it, we launched it to the world. Members will learn 4 online side hustles that require no money to get started and no social media to generate traffic. All these methods require is hard work, creativity, and solid research skills.

It’s $97/year to become a member and there is no contract. The program is updated monthly and will ALWAYS be cutting edge.

It is the best program for the complete beginner to start seeing success online. Check it out by following the button below:

The Story Behind The Brambila Method Launch

A Problem In The Market

If you’ve been around the affiliate marketing world for any amount of time, you know how hard it used to be to build a following organically online. You would have to post in Facebook groups, grind out Youtube Videos, post on Instagram so that 13 people would see it, etc.

That all changed during the pandemic when a little app called TikTok became popular. All of a sudden, thanks to the short-form video app, new marketers with no following could get massive traction when promoting their offers. While this was great news, it also created a massive problem.

It was TOO easy to make money selling affiliate marketing courses…

A lot of these new marketers were exposed to a program on TikTok showing them how to make money online by promoting on TikTok. Instead of learning how to promote products they care about as the programs taught, they just turned around and started promoting the same course they just took because it was so easy thanks to TikTok.

This led to thousands of people promoting the same “make money” course and positioning themselves as authorities in the affiliate marketing space even though the only product they promoted was the very course they just took.

Sounds a little sus doesn’t it?

That’s what Adrian Brambila thought too. He had to end the “meta circle” as he called it. Taking a course to turn around and promote the same course. THAT’S NOT REAL AFFILIATE MARKETING!

A Phone Call To A TikTok Mutual

This is where I enter the story. You see I was one of the first marketers to jump on TikTok, at least as an affiliate. Adrian was too. Since “affiliate marketing TikTok” was so small in the beginning, we saw a lot of each other’s videos and began following each other.

It was about a year of watching and commenting on each other’s videos before I got the DM that you see above. He told me he had an idea and wanted my input.

The Objective

In our initial phone call. Adrian explained the “meta circle” I talked about above and saw that it was a problem in the affiliate marketing world. It set a lot of new affiliates up to fail and created a lot of false, preconceived notions about what affiliate marketing really was.

You see, what a lot of affiliates promoting the $7 courses on TikTok failed to mention was that the $7 program DIDN’T give you all the tools you needed to become a successful affiliate. Those tools were often hidden behind a $997 or $2500 paywall.

If you thought you would have success in affiliate marketing after only spending $7, you were horribly mistaken…

The objective of The Brambila Method is to give new marketers the tools to succeed online WITHOUT having to buy any upsells or promote the course they just took. In fact, new customers of The Brambila Method cannot be affiliates and we did that on purpose.

We want you to have success promoting things other than courses that teach people to make money.

Inside the program, you’re given the tools & know-how to make money online without dipping into your own pockets and without promoting money-making courses. Real affiliate marketing.

The Plan

In order to make sure the program was ready and to give our members the greatest chance of success, the plan was to send me, an experienced marketer, through it first. After I went through it and applied the concepts taught (more on my results later), I would give feedback and suggest edits.

After I went through it, we would recruit a team of 100 “beta members” to test it and get their thoughts and feedback. This group included everyone from mega-influencers like Rachel Pedersen all the way down to people who were just getting started but showed massive promise.

We wanted to get unique perspectives and wanted to see if the newbies could have success with it too. Only after all 100 said they could make money with the program did we decide to launch it…

The Launch Strategy

This is where we made the biggest splash and I think this launch will be talked about for years because of its efficacy. It was wildly successful, but it also created quite a few naysayers as well. We call this “creating polarity” in the marketing world and this launch was a textbook example of how to create it.

The Tagline That Started Everything

To kick things off, Adrian made a post on TikTok that read “The Death Of Legendary Marketer” across the top and he called his shot saying that he would create a new program that would directly compete with them.

This made more than a few people angry because Legendary was the biggest player on “affiliate marketing TikTok” and they have a ton of loyal fans. That’s the first thing to do to create polarity. Go and find the “sacred cow” in the marketplace and slaughter it publicly.

This will get EVERYONE talking about you and your product immediately.

The Viral Recruitment Strategy

As Adrian’s partner, it was my job to recruit the 100 affiliates and get people on board. My thought was to create “audition videos” on TikTok by making a post and having people stitch me telling me why they should be considered for the beta program.

I did this so that I would have a single, organized spot to look at all the audition videos. However, it had another spectacular side-effect that I never anticipated.

It put our offer in front of millions of people for free…

You see, when someone stitches an existing video, it shows the new video to the new person’s audience as well and gives it another chance to go viral. I had over 700 people make videos so we got TONS of exposure right before launch.

But enough back story, let’s get into what The Brambila Method is about…

The Story Behind The Brambila Method Itself

The Story Of Grandma

The Brambila Method begins with Adrian’s grandmother, Margarita, in a small Mexican town of Tamazulita, Mexico. She took over caring for the family after his grandfather unexpectedly passed away. With only about $20 to her name and very few job prospects in a small town, she had to figure out a way to make a living without spending much money at all.

She decided to take a gamble and go to the nearest large city, Guadalajara, and pick up items she felt were undervalued or would sell for more back in Tamazulita. Over time, this became a general store of sorts and she was able to make enough money to bring the family to America.

How Grandma Relates To Today

This story is particularly relevant today because not only is it reminiscent of a business model taught inside the course (surprise on Day 8), but a lot of families post-pandemic were put into a similar situation.

Families may have lost a loved one or had the primary earner lose their job in 2020. People were forced to pick up the slack and provide for themselves along the way. This is why “side hustling” has gotten so big lately.

However, most side hustles require a certain amount of risk to execute properly. That’s where the tagline “Risk Nothing, Earn Everything” comes into play.

Success Without Risk

The Brambila Method focuses on side hustles that don’t require any upfront money or investment. They only require hard work, creativity, and solid research skills.

If you can google something, write an email, and drag and drop elements onto a webpage, you can have success with the Brambila Method. These methods take advantage of big platforms already making sizeable investments so that you don’t have to.

With a little creativity, research, & hard work you can build a business online without having to dip into savings or put your assets at risk to get it going.

The worst thing that can happen is that you’re out a little bit of time.

What’s Taught In The Brambila Method

Here is the section you’ve probably been waiting for. What’s actually taught in the Brambila Method and does it work? Well, here are my thoughts & results.

Fiverr As You’ve Never Thought About It Before

When most people think about Fiverr, they think about it as a place where contractors are underpaid and you’re doing a ton of work for relatively no pay. While this can be the case, if you think about Fiverr in a slightly different way, it’s actually a valuable resource.

To preface this, The Brambila ties almost everything back into affiliate marketing in one way or another. But how do you tie Fiverr into affiliate marketing? By using Fiverr as a source for lead generation.

Affiliate marketing is all about building your email list and Fiverr is a great place to collect emails from if you know how to do it properly.

You see, creating a high volume, low cost $5 – $10 gig that you can easily fulfill with a template is a great way to get a lot of orders delivered fast. After each delivered order, you send the customer down a funnel to collect an email address so that you can market to them later.

Once they’re on your list, you can promote whatever you want to them. If you are promoting a high-ticket product, all you have to do is send an email to the list you’ve been building and that $5 order you got on Fiverr 3 months ago may land you a $500 commission or more in the future.

You’re essentially getting paid to collect your leads. When going through this program I NEVER thought about doing this before. I’ve always had to create content or pay for advertising to collect leads in my business.

I knew after watching this on Day 1 that Adrian had truly put together something special.

Mini-Courses That Pay You Forever

This is my favorite day in the course because of how passive it becomes. Yes, it requires a lot of work upfront, but once everything is posted, you’re done. Sit back & relax forever.

This method involves going to course marketplaces like Udemy & Skillshare and creating foundational mini-courses that teach people basic skills in your niche. Think along the lines of “how to dress for an interview” or “how to back up a trailer properly.” Inside these courses, you’re allowed to recommend products and affiliate link to them.

The marketplaces actively go out and promote your course to customers and when they take your course, not only are you getting paid for the watch time, you also get paid for any products you recommend through your affiliate links.

You can even take it one step further and link to a funnel that collects their email address along the way. This becomes another way that you can build your list and get paid to do so.

My Results

This was by far my favorite thing to do because I already had a free course on YouTube showing people how to build a website. This was no additional work for me other than uploading the content to a new site.

Within days of upload, I started to earn commissions and accumulate watch time. Here are my results from Skillshare & Hostgator:

Now granted these results are not guaranteed, but I’m loving the potential so far. As more people take my course, the platforms will rank it higher, and I’ll make more money without doing any additional work. This will only get bigger with time and this is truly what passive income looks like.

If I want to make even more money, all I have to do is find a new platform to upload my existing course to. The process is pretty much universal.

Landing High Ticket Clients In The Most Unlikely Spot

Day 3 of the Brambila Method is the one that feels the most like work, but it has yielded the largest results in the shortest amount of time. Shocking right? It’s almost like you have to work to make money…

Disclaimer: I personally did not have time to apply this method because it involves potentially full-time client-based work and I already had full-time work launching the Brambila Method itself. The results I talk about are those of the beta members.

This day involves hopping on a platform like Upwork with the goal of landing a high-ticket retainer from a client or company. Upwork differs from Fiverr in that you apply to jobs and post your skills rather than posting and applying for specific jobs that need to be done.

Instead of saying “I will create this one ad” as you would on Fiverr, you post something like “I’m an experienced copywriter, this is my rate” on Upwork. Companies looking for freelancers will then come across you and interview you before hiring you for a temporary, contract position.

The idea is to wow them while you’re working hourly and convince them to keep you on retainer for them as a client. This way, a couple of hours a week gig turns into a multi-thousand-dollar contract.

When you get enough of these contracts, you can then start to hire and train VAs to complete the work on your behalf. Boom, you’ve just built yourself an agency without prospecting for clients yourself.

Our Biggest Result Yet

The best story to come out of this day was when our very own Shane Wirta landed a six-figure deal to run a company’s entire marketing department. He had started his gig on Upwork discussing some simple marketing strategies they could implement to incrementally increase sales.

They decided to give him a full-on consulting gig worth more than $100,000 since he impressed them that much. Here’s what he had to say about it:

The Simplest Side Hustle You Never Thought Twice About

Day 4 is by far the most popular, and I think it’s because people don’t really view it as work. On this day, the side hustle of print-on-demand is taught. However, it’s taught in a way that’s different than most other programs.

You see, most programs will teach print on demand as a way to create merch for your own personal influencer brand. You will have to create tons of social media content, you’ll have to showcase all of your designs, and really be involved in the sales of your designs.

The Brambila Method teachers print-on-demand in a different way. The way it’s taught in this program, you’re looking to hop on trends online. This way, when people search in Google for products related to the trend, your stuff will show up. Rather than using your own content to promote your merch, you are relying on the platforms Authority inside of Google. It’s a really unique concept.

Similar to the day 2 mini-courses, this takes a “Johnny Appleseed” approach. Each day you’re creating designs and forgetting about them. If you’ve done your research right, the designs will start selling without any further input from you. You’re simply planting all these seeds and in time you’ll have a forest of passive income.

Fast Results

While they aren’t the biggest wins, people have been seeing print-on-demand success fairly quickly. This can be a huge confidence boost and prove to you that, “This $%^& Works!”

Text Scott Stallings for example. He was one of our beta members and saw results within the first 8 hours or so:

Affiliate Marketing: The Right Way

On days 5 – 7, you’re taught affiliate marketing the right way.

Day 5: Intro To Affiliate Marketing

On day five, you are given an introductory lesson on affiliate marketing. You’ll learn how it works, how to find products, and how to apply to programs in order to get accepted.

There is also an invitation to join Casa De Brambila. This is a full-day paid ads workshop where Adrian personally shows you how he runs his 7-figure business. You will learn the exact strategies that he implements every single day.

They are a little advanced, but also very simple to execute. If you choose to decline this offer, that’s okay. Casa is available as a standing offer and never disappears.

Day 6: Organic Search Traffic

On day 6, you learn how to create content that lives forever and generates traffic for the foreseeable future. You do this by finding gaps in the search engines and creating content that fills those gaps.

Adrian tells the story of his sister who made a YouTube video that got over 15,000 views despite only having like 11 subscribers. That video happened to sell a lot of products passively.

I utilize these strategies every single day in my own business. This blog is an example of content that sells affiliate products possibly every single day. This is the first article I’ve written in almost seven months and in that seven months I made multiple sales every week.

This is the type of stuff that you will learn on day 6…

Day 7: Community Based Traffic

On day 7, you will learn strategies that you may be familiar with. This day is getting a little bit more towards the extroverts. It involves joining communities related to the products that you are promoting and connecting with potential customers of the product.

It’s not the most passive of strategies, but it can generate results fairly quickly. Just be warned that this requires a lot of outreach & possible rejection.

Personally, I hate this strategy but it has to be included in the course because it works for so many people.

Personal Finance So You Don’t Outlive The Money you Make

Day 8 is mostly a surprise, but I can tell you that there is a strong personal finance section. Adrian Enlisted the help of Dr. Brad Klontz who is a licensed Financial professional.

Dr. Brad will show you how to make the most of your money once you make it. He talks about long-term wealth creation how to set up a healthy retirement for yourself.

There was also the opportunity to get a Brambilla Method hat completely free. You just have to show proof that you are applying yourself and you’ll get a hat in the mail.

Tech Setup: The Torpedo That Sinks Most Beginners

As a bonus section, I made sure that Adrian included a step-by-step tech set-up guide. As an experienced affiliate, I see a lot of new beginners quit because they can’t figure out the technology.

The tech setup is actually taught by me. I show you how to do everything A to Z step by step. I’ll guide you through the process of buying a domain, setting up a custom-branded email address, hooking up your autoresponder and your funnel builder, as well as create a full-fledged website for yourself.

While this might sound like a lot, I lay everything out screen share style and don’t leave anything out. I guide you through the process and explain why I’m doing everything that I’m doing.

At the end of this guide, you will have a fully working back-end infrastructure and actually understand how it works. I don’t see that offered anywhere else in any other program.

Why Is It Taught This Way?

By far, the most frequent question I get is “Why are these methods taught, and why are they taught in this order?” Let’s take a moment to answer that.

Day 1: A Quick Win Out Of the Gate

Fiverr is taught on day one because it has the potential to be a quick win out of the gate. Whenever somebody starts their make money online journey, they’re always apprehensive and wondering when will I make my first sale?

We chose Fiverr because it’s an easy platform to get comfortable on and there is a lot of user activity. This means that the chances of getting a sale quickly are high. If somebody gets their first sale relatively quickly, they’re more likely to stick with the program and have long-term success.

Day 2: A Passive Strategy

Day 2 was included because this is what everybody wants. Everybody wants the “sit on the beach and make money while drinking a margarita” lifestyle. This is one of the ways to get there. While it will take a lot of upfront work (creating videos of one of the hardest things you need to do inside the course) the passive potential is virtually unlimited.

I personally liked it because I had content already made that I simply just had to repost to get up and running. If you have a skill or a trade that you’re good at, you could film videos with your phone and start making this strategy work for you.

Day 3: Feels Like Work, But Massive Upside

I was hesitant to keep day 3 in the program. I asked Adrian why it was there his response was ” high ticket retainers are the key to having security when you make money online.”

I never thought about it, but all of the other side hustles that are taught are very dependent on search trends and algorithms. One simple change in an algorithm can seriously impact your business if you haven’t built it up to a huge level yet.

However, if you have a $5,000 a month retainer in place, you can still work on your own terms if your other hustles take a hit. Think of day 3 as your safety net.

Adrian said if he did not have his marketing agency, he most likely would not have invested money into paid ads because it was too risky. Building the agency first gave him a solid foundation to start taking risks with ads.

Day 4: A Fun Side Hustle

We added day 4 because it was something that is fun and simple. Print-on-demand is something you can do in 20 minutes a day after you get home from work. It takes about 5 minutes to create a design inside of Canva and get it uploaded to your store. Four designs a day 4 a month would give you a pretty sizable store in no time.

It’s a creative outlet that can possibly make you money. If you’ve done your research right, you can hop on a trend early and make a fair amount of money with it. It’s also something that has almost no barrier to entry and carries zero risks with it.

Day 5 – 7: What Everyone Thinks The Program Will Be About

When people see Adrian’s content, they know that he makes money online from affiliate marketing. However, most people don’t know exactly how he does it. When people hear that Adrian has a course out, they’re going to immediately assume it’s an affiliate marketing course.

So obviously, we need the teach affiliate marketing inside his course. This is why we dedicated 3 out of the 8 days to it. I’m sure this answer was fairly obvious.

Day 8: What To Do With Your Money After You Make It

The personal finance portion was included because the sad truth is that most people are not financially literate. Almost two-thirds of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck And a lot of times it’s because of bad financial habits. Making more money won’t magically change your money habits.

This lesson was included to help you develop good financial habits early on so that when you do scale your business up and start making more money, you get to keep most of it. By investing 30% of every dollar you make, the likelihood of you have a comfortable retirement grows exponentially.

It would be a shame for someone to earn six figures from what we taught and still be living paycheck-to-paycheck.

What’s In Store For The Future?

the Brambila Method is only about 2 months old and people are already having massive success. Here’s what’s in store for the future.

Constant Updates

At first, people may hesitate to enroll when they hear that it’s in $97 per year subscription. However, that’s because this course is going to get monthly updates. Far too often, online education programs fall out of date very quickly.

Usually, the owner of the course creates something that’s is relevant at the time they created it, but when somebody buys it three years later it’s totally outdated and doesn’t work.

That will not happen here. It will always be updated and this program will always be cutting edge. About a month before your subscription renews, you will get an email from the Brambila Method explaining what’s changed and giving you an opportunity to opt-out.

If the online world is changing as fast as Adrian thinks it is, the Brambila Method will be almost a brand new program next year.

If this is something that you want to take advantage of, follow the button below to check it out:

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