Affiliate Triad Review – A Powerful High Ticket, “Done-For-You” Affiliate Marketing Program 

By  Dom Bavaro

 October 28, 2020

Jason Fladien’s Affiliate Triad program combines my two favorite things about affiliate marketing: High-Ticket and “Done-For-You.” Not only can you earn single commissions as high as $1,500, but you don’t have to do any of the funnel building or selling. Now let me explain…

TL;DR Review

Affiliate Triad is a unique opportunity, and I haven’t really seen anything like it before. It combines the power of “done-for-you” and “high-ticket” in a way that’s palatable for a compete beginner. Let’s face it, selling multi-thousand-dollar information products can be scary. However, Jason Fladlien has figured out a way for someone with no experience to forget about the actual selling, funnel building, and email marketing aspects of it and just focus on creating related social media content. 

The training offered for free inside of Affiliate Triad is also top notch and will get anyone off the ground as long as they implement regularly. The only real downside is that Affiliate Triad membership is a little exclusive & does cost a little money. It’s not always open to the public and you often have to wait until they open the doors to new members. But once you’re in, the opportunity to earn big commissions is nearly unlimited.

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars


TRaining Quality


I’ve been an Affiliate Triad member for about 3 months now and here are my results and thoughts on the program.

TL;DR – Here’s A Video Review:

Is This The Best Way To Make Money Online in 2020?

Let’s face it, it’s 2020. There are 1000 ways to make money using the power of the internet these days. Making money online is no longer a secret club that’s shrouded in mystery. Anyone with a laptop, desire, and dedication can now make money online.

But still, everyone asks, “what’s the best way to make money online?” Some people seem to think it’s dropshipping, others believe it’s Amazon FBA, but I firmly believe that affiliate marketing, and more specifically high ticket affiliate marketing, is the best way to do it. Here’s why…

High Profit Margins

High ticket affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online in 2020 because it requires very little overhead and offers massive potential for revenue. This translates to a very healthy profit margin of about 70%. To put that in perspective, the average dropshipper runs on about a 2% profit margin. Which business would you rather be in?

No Customer Service

Affiliate marketing also requires no customer service. As an affiliate, you’re simply referring customers over to existing companies. If the customer has support issues after the sale, it’s the company’s responsibility, not yours.

Now contrast this to dropshipping or Amazon FBA. if your customer has an issue with your product, it’s on you to process the return and handle the issue properly. I’d rather not deal with those headaches.

You Don’t Need To Sell That Much

If you’re selling High Ticket products as an affiliate, you don’t need to make that many sales to make a full-time living online. I think we can agree that $1,000 a week is considered full-time money for most people. As a high ticket affiliate, it only 3 or 4 sales a month to hit that level of income.

Again, let’s compare this to dropshipping or Amazon FBA. When selling physical products that are low-ticket (under $100) you might make $10 per item and I’m being generous. To make $4,000 a month, you’d need to make 400 sales a month or 100 sales a week!

Which would you prefer?

Who Is Jason Fladien?

Affiliate Triad Review
Jason’s Affiliate Marketing Results

Now that we’ve established that High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the way to go, let’s talk about the Affiliate Triad and the guy who’s behind it, Jason Fladlien. Jason Fladlien is the founder of the Affiliate Triad Along with his business partner Wilson Mattos.

Jason Is A World Record Affiliate

While Wil is the behind the scenes technical partner, Jason is the face of the operation. Jason is a top-notch affiliate marketer and he’s done over $100 Million in commissions as an affiliate. In fact, he is the world record holder in commissions for a single launch at $9.8 MILLION! See the image above.

Jason knows what he’s doing. He was an affiliate for “The Amazing Selling Machine” and he’s won their affiliate contest 7 times in a row! In fact, the $9.8 Million figure was achieved when he won for the 5th time. He crushed his competition so bad, 2nd place earned just under $2 Million for that launch.

How Did He Do It?

After winning 7 times in a row, everyone was dying to know how he did it and it’s always been a secret. That is until now…

What Is The Affiliate Triad?

Jason was able to sell such large numbers of product because he figured out how to leverage the efforts and audiences of other people. By partnering and splitting commissions with other affiliates, he was able to multiply his efforts in a way never thought possible.

Jason knows how to sell and put a webinar together. All he needs is a larger audience to make more money. Enter the “Triad Effect.”

The Triad Effect

what is the affiliate triad

By offering the right product, finding the right affiliates to partner with, and creating the right conversion materials, the Triad Effect is formed. It’s these three factors that create affiliate success.

Jason is great at finding a quality product and creating great conversion materials, but partnering with the right affiliates gives him the large audience needed to sell at scale. This is where the Quad-Win System comes into play…

Quad-Win System

Jason has also created what’s known as the “Quad Win System” along the way. Through this system, he ensures that:

  • His Customers Win
  • His Partners Win
  • His Vendors Win
  • He Wins

He structures his deals in a way that ensures no one’s interests conflict with one another. When one person wins, they all win. As an Affiliate Triad member, you’ll get to see this firsthand.

Why Should You Join The Affiliate Triad?

Jason Fladien Affiliate Triad
Jason Fladien

As an Affiliate Triad member, you’ll get an unfair competitive advantage over other affiliates. Here is a listing of why that is:

#1 – Promoting Quality Products & Offers

Like I’ve said before, Jason is an expert at finding quality products to promote. He’s been doing this for a while and knows a quality product when he sees one. He is also a member of a $100k per year mastermind group called “GeniusX” so he’s hyperconnected to the top product creators at all times. If they create something, he’s one of the first to hear about it.

Jason hand-picks a top-quality program every other month and provides Triad members with all of the sales funnels, selling materials, and does the webinar to sell them. These products could be a private program that only AT members have access to, it could be a new product that is due to come out soon, or it could be a lesser-known public program that not many people are promoting.

Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that you’re not going to be peddling crap to your audience…

#2 – Free Product Review Access

This is quite possibly the coolest part of the Affiliate Triad program. To ensure that his Affiliate Triad members fully understand what they’re selling, Jason negotiates a deal with each info product creator that grants you free access to every single product you promote.

You’ll get to look at and evaluate a $1,000+ course every single month. If that particular course is of interest to you, there is nothing stopping you from taking it yourself and applying what you learn to get better. This benefit alone is like getting $12,000 in free training a year.

#3 – Professionally Written Sales Copy

If you’ve been into internet marketing for any amount of time, you’ll know how valuable sales copy is. Sales copy is often the difference between having a landing page with a 5% optin rate and a 50% optin rate.

Jason is an incredible copywriter. As an Affiliate Triad member, you’ll get access to Jason’s personal email follow-up sequences and be able to use them as your own.

You’ll also be able to see what works from seeing Jason’s copy and model your own after his.

#4 – Incredible Bonuses

Jason has an obsession with reading comments and reviews on products. This allows him to “read between the lines” so to speak and figure out exactly what people feel is missing from things that they buy.

Armed with this new information, he then crafts bonuses to fill in those gaps and they cause conversions to skyrocket. As an Affiliate Triad member, you’ll be able to leverage these and your referrals will get access to Jason’s bonuses as well.

#5 – New Assets & Products Each Month

The Affiliate Triad is beginning to give its members new evergreen assets to resell every single month. For example, you used to only get the book “Double Your Productivity” to resell for $9.95, but there is a slew of new low-ticket (Under $50) product offers in the works.

The goal here is to build up a number of small, recurring income streams that supplement the high-ticket promotions happening every other month. This way, your income is not a “feast or famine” type deal.

Jason is also planning to give his members access to exclusive training programs so that they become more effective at promoting Affiliate Triad products. This all goes back to the “Quad-Win” concept. If Jason can make you a better affiliate in his program, you’ll earn more commissions and he’ll make more money as well.

#6 – Free Funnel Builder For A Year

An affiliate marketing business requires technology to run smoothly. Full stop. This technology usually costs about $100/mo to operate. As an affiliate triad member, you’ll have the cost of your funnel builder, Kartra, reimbursed for the first year while you get off the ground.

Kartra in my opinion is the best marketing software because of its robustness and video hosting capabilities. I do a full write up of Kartra right here. (Kartra Review Still Under Construction 10/28/20)

#7 – Ability To Recruit Partners

Remember how Jason was able to generate $9.8 Million in commissions by leveraging other people’s efforts? Well, as an affiliate triad member, you have the same option. You’re not required but are strongly encouraged to recruit promotional partners to help you promote Affiliate Triad products.

This way, you will have your own army of affiliates behind you. They will get access to Affiliate Triad promotions without having to pay the monthly fees. However, they will not earn full commissions or have access to all the exclusive training that you will.

#8 – Lead Generation Funnels For Free

Building your email list is the most important part of any affiliate business. It is the only asset you truly own and the only source of traffic that you own. Jason has made a commitment to building a bunch of high converting lead funnels and lead magnets for Affiliate Triad members to use as their own.

Once these funnels are created, they are pushed through Kartra and you can begin building your very own email list with them.

#9 – Reseller Licenses

Jason will often create his very own info products to sell as well. As an affiliate triad member, you’ll be given reseller rights to these products when they’re released. What this means is that you can promote these products as an “affiliate,” but instead of earning a 40% commission, you get to keep 100% of the profits.

This is pretty powerful when you’re given the rights to a $997 product to sell…

#10 – Step-By-Step Set-Up Instructions

Setting up a comprehensive affiliate marketing campaign can be daunting, even for an experienced marketer. Luckily, before every single promotion, Wil puts together a comprehensive set up guide both in print form as well as a YouTube walkthrough showing you exactly how to get set up.

As a total newbie, you can get an entire month’s worth of emails, funnels, and promotions loaded up and ready to send out automatically in about 2 days with the help of these set-up guides.

#11 – “Over The Shoulder” Training from Jason

This another invaluable, but hidden benefit of the affiliate triad program. It’s often unadvertised, but it really should be. Jason loves to build his funnels with an audience present. This means he’ll often broadcast his brainstorming and funnel building sessions live to the group and post a reply on a private slack channel.

In these sessions, you’ll hear him talk about WHY he’s doing the things he’s doing. Hear how he came up with the hook, why he’s going more heavy on testimonials than usual, etc. This is a peek into the mind of a master marketer and you’ll receive training by simply watching that you’d otherwise have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for.

#12 – Free Mastermind Community

As I alluded to earlier, most of the affiliate triad communication is done through a private slack community. Jason and Wil are on there almost constantly, and there are hundreds of other master marketers who are a member of the triad.

This means that the chatroom becomes a mastermind of sorts. Communication doesn’t strictly have to be about triad promotions, so feel free to ask questions about troubles you’re having in your own business. The community Jason and Wil have built is more than willing to help you out.

#13 – Mentor Office Hours

Affiliate Triad has a team of “mentors” at the ready looking to help triad members get better at affiliate marketing. They post in the slack channel fairly often and you’ll come to know them over time.

My personal favorite function of theirs is that they each have posted “office hours” just like a college professor where they host live training and Q&A sessions. These are 100% free to attend and with about a half dozen mentors or so, there’s always a mentor having office hours it seems.

If you miss the office hours, they post the replays in the slack channel.

#14 – Unrivaled Support

As a dad by day, marketer by night, I work some pretty strange hours. I start my workday around 8 PM and wrap up around 1 AM EST. When I get hung up, I’m used to submitting support tickets and having to wait until morning to get an answer.

Not with the Affiliate Triad. They have a team of support ready and live around the clock to help you out with almost anything. I’ve submitted tickets at 1:30 AM and gotten an answer in 15 minutes. I was shocked the first time it happened. If you’ve got questions, Affiliate Triad has answers, FAST!

#15 – Done-For-You Email Sequences

If you haven’t noticed by now, Affiliate Triad revolves around “done-for-you” systems. This allows you to focus on driving traffic and creating content rather than building funnels and doing webinars.

With every single Affiliate Triad promotion, you get a “done-for-you” email sequence to go with it. Jason will pre-write about a dozen emails and give you a sending schedule to adhere to. These are carefully thought out and are meant to coincide with his promotion schedule.

All that’s left for you to do is sign your name at the bottom of the emails, load and schedule them in your Kartra account, and sit back. Again, I can get a month-long promotion done in about 4 hours with these systems in place.

#16 – Organic Traffic Coaching

Organic traffic is HOT in 2020. With ad costs rising, more and more people are looking to drive free, organic traffic to their offers. This has caused a spike in organic traffic “gurus” who will gladly show you how to drive tons of free organic traffic for the small fee of $997 or more.

Jason and Wil also understand how important organic traffic is to newbie marketers. It’s an easy way to get started and it only requires you to invest your time. That’s why they bought Anna Dornier’s Organic Reach program and offer it for free to Affiliate Triad Members.

This program retails for $997 and it’s included with your Affiliate Triad membership.

How Much Is Affiliate Triad?

Thankfully, Affiliate Triad is not a free program. By charging monthly dues, this keeps the program somewhat exclusive and keep the “wantrepreneurs” out. However, it’s not terribly expensive and well worth the investment.

Early-Stage Pricing

Since Affiliate Triad was only launched in March of 2020, we’re still in the early phases of the program and some things are still being worked out. This means that you are able to become an Affiliate Triad member for less money and you’re locked into this early pricing for life.

Currently, Affiliate Triad memberships costs $349 a month. Which, if you ask me, is a steal. I made enough commissions in my first promotion to cover the cost of the affiliate triad for almost a year.

If you’re looking to join the Affiliate Triad, feel free to follow the link below. Enrollment is not always open, so if they’re not currently accepting applicants, you’ll have to get on the waiting list until they do open enrollment.

Prices Will Increase Over Time

However, the Affiliate Triad will not be this inexpensive forever. Jason has said many times his goal is to make this a $1,000 a month membership program. He doesn’t feel that it’s refined enough to ask that kind of money yet, but there’s no set timeline on when that could be. If you’re on the fence, I suggest you join before it’s too late. He could raise prices next year, or next week, we don’t know.

What Have My Results Been?

I’ve hinted at it throughout the article, but my results with Affiliate Triad have been stellar thus far. To be fair, I entered it with an email list of about 1,000 people and a TikTok following of about 18k. I wasn’t joining as a total newbie, but I was far from established.

First Promotion = Huge Payday

My Results From My First AT Promo

My first promotion with Affiliate Triad was “The Wholesale Formula” in September of 2020. TWF is a $2495 course that teaches people how to sell branded products on Amazon. The course was promoted by Jason over 3 webinars and he included a 15-email follow-up sequence. On top of that, I made 6 TikTok skits directing people to the webinar. That’s all I did to promote the course.

Between filming the skits and setting up the done-for-you funnel and emails, I spent about 8 hours. I did everything on a Sunday, scheduled the events to fire automatically, and walked away…

Two weeks later, I checked to see that I had sold 2 courses for a total commission of $2997! That pretty much covered my Affiliate Triad cost for the year and I still have 11 more promotions to do this year. I think I’ll do well with it overall if you ask me…

Who Is The Affiliate Triad For?

Affiliate Triad is a great fit for all marketers, but for different reasons. Let me break them down.

Beginner Marketers

Affiliate Triad is great for beginners and total newbies because of the sheer amount of training that it is included with the program. Between the mentor office hours, organic reach program, and the slack discussion group there’s no reason for you not to get your business up and running.

Affiliate Triad also offers an “easy button” for new affiliates as well. If you’re not overly technical and the thought of setting up a funnel petrifies you, you can simply insert a link into your content and be done.

This allows you to focus on creating content and building a following first if you want. You can completely ignore the technical aspect of things if you choose Affiliate Triad. This is a great way to earn high ticket commissions while you find your voice online.


If you’re a little bit more advanced, but not quite a high level producer yet, Affiliate Triad will ensure this becomes a full-time gig. I came into this as an intermediate and Jason & Wil have given me tons of material to increase my conversion percentages.

Once I got the hang of driving paid traffic, signups to webinars came almost effortlessly. I expect to hit the $10k a month mark in the next 90 days with Affiliate Triad at this level.

The partner program is still in its infancy and I’m learning a lot there about running such a group, but AT will guide me along the way.

Advanced Affiliates

If you’re a super affiliate who is already making $10k or more a month, you’ll absolutely want to join Affiliate Triad. At this point, you’ll already have an established audience and as a member, you can offer your audience exclusive products that not everyone has access to.

You’ll also be able to leverage the partner program to increase your commissions 10 fold. You’ve probably got a ton of people asking you to mentor them. This is an opportunity to offer mentorship (at scale) in exchange for commissions.

Final Thoughts & Your Next Steps

As a whole, the Affiliate Triad program is an easy way to up your game in affiliate marketing. Jason has put together a quality program that takes a lot of responsibility off of your shoulders.

As long as you learn how to build an audience, email list, and drive traffic to an optin page, you’ll do fine with Affiliate Triad. Jason handles all of the conversion materials and does all the selling for you.

If you don’t know how to do those things yet, it’s still a good idea because there is a litany of resources available to teach you how to do those things at a high level. Jason & Wil have really put together a world-class program here and it’s only going to get better with time I feel.

Quick Note About Joining the Program

Affiliate Triad isn’t an open enrollment program. It only opens about once a month for a few days. Below, you can watch a webinar explaining the Affiliate Triad program that Jason gave about a month back. If you have any questions about the program or anything that it offers, drop a comment and I’ll be sure to answer them.

If Affiliate Triad is not taking applications at the time you apply, be sure to jump on the waiting list so you can be notified by email when enrollment does open up.

Affiliate Triad Webinar Replay (2 Hours)

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