Book Bolt Review: Is It Legit? The Truth Behind 2023’s Simplest Side Hustle Ever! 

By  Dom Bavaro

 September 6, 2021

If you’ve spent any time researching passive ways to make money online, you’ve no doubt come across at least one video about Book Bolt and how it can be the easiest way to make money online.

Heck, I’ve even made one myself on my YouTube Channel. Not only did I explain how to make money with it and outline the opportunity, but I give a full tutorial on how to make your first cover and get it ranking on Amazon.

Check it out here if you like:

If that video is all you need to see and you want in on this, you can pick up a copy of Book Bolt by following the button below. If you want to read more in depth about it, read on…

In this article, I’m going to talk a little bit more in-depth about what book bolt is, what book bolt costs, what a low-content book is, and some of my early results after using it for about a week. Stick Around

What Is Book Bolt?

If you’re completely unaware, Book Bolt is a nifty little piece of software that allows you to create your very own book from scratch in about 10 minutes. With a little bit of keyword research, creativity, and some drag & drop skills, you can have a digital asset that’s ready to sell in no time at all.

This digital asset is in the form of a “low content” book. Something that can be created once and sold over and over again for the rest of time.

What Are Low-Content Books?

A “low content” book is a book that doesn’t contain a story or information, but rather just a framework for the end-user to fill out themselves. A logbook is a good example of a “low-content” book.

In fact, there are many different types of Low-Content books that Book Bolt is capable of making. The most popular of these is a notebook. All you need are plain pages with simple rules lines and an attractive cover. Here are some other examples of low-content books you can make with Book Bolt:

Log Book

A log book is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a book where the owner can keep a record of events. They write down what happened so that they can learn for the next time they do something. I see two popular kids of log books online that seems to do well. These are mileage log books for salespeople or fishing and hunting logbooks.

I’ve also seen a few gardening logbooks online as well. Get creative. think about something where you can record what happened and book bolt can probably create a logbook for it.

Sports log books could also be something to create fairly easily.

Gratitude Journal

This is something I had no idea existed until I got onto Book bolt and started researching. Apparently, there is a whole segment of people who take a little bit of time each morning to write down what they’re thankful for that day.

This type of book has a slot for them to write down an inspirational quote, what they’re thankful for, and a few things that would make that day great!

I imagine these books being written in while the owner has a cup of coffee in the morning.

Sheet Music Books

Again, another segment of books I had no idea existed until I started doing this. Sheet music books can be geared towards aspiring musicians who are looking to write their own music.

The Book Bolt interior includes a few simple lines of blank music for the owner to write their own melodies in. I imagine with a little creativity, you can probably be one of the only sellers in this space.

To-Do Lists

This is a very popular category of low content book. With to-do lists, they are pretty self-explanatory. This kind of interior has a spot for the user to write down and check off tasks throughout the day.

There’s actually a few different styles to choose from so experiment and see which one sells best.

Personal Finance Trackers

This is another popular category. However, with anything financial, there is a lot of competition. These Interiors give people a place to write down their bills and track that they’ve been paid.

There are also a couple of interiors where people can balance their checkbook if they want.

Meal Planner / Weight Loss Tracker

Another popular category of low content books is in the weight-loss space. Book Bolt offers interiors where people can keep track of their meals, exercises, and their weight loss progress.

Some of these pages include body charts so people can include measurements if they want.

Password Organizers

There’s a very simple, but fun to make book. These books generally just include a couple columns were somebody can write down a website name, their username, and a password.

These covers usually include some sort of self-deprecating humor.

Puzzle Books

This is a category that is definitely worth exploring. Book Bolt has the ability to create word searches, Sudoku, anagrams, and a number of other puzzles and mazes for kids and adults to enjoy.

Because the Interiors are only available on the Pro Plan, there is actually a lot less competition because fewer people are creating them.

Many More

This list is by no means exhaustive. Book Bolt offers 34 different pre-made interiors for you to choose from and if you’re feeling truly inspired, you can modify or create your own interiors in no time.

How Does Book Bolt Create Low-Content Books?

To better understand how Book Bolt works and how to use it, let me walk you through the book creation process step by step.

Step 1 – Cloud Search

This step is by far the most crucial. Getting this step right is what separates the people who make a lot of money with this from the people who make no money.

Using the cloud feature, you can get a good idea of what the best selling books are in a certain space.

First you select the category of book you are looking to research up in the top right-hand corner. Then, if you want you can enter some keywords if you know you’re going with something that is niche specific.

Book Bolt Review
The cloud search tool on Book Bolt

This will spit out the top 100 selling books in that space. From here, you want to scroll and try to notice a trend for both the title of the book that’s being created, as well as cover design.

Book Bolt Review
Look for a pattern in covers

Now it’s time to create what is already selling…

Step 2 – Design Cover

After you have a basic idea in mind, it’s time to head over to the book bolt designer. Inside the tool, you’ll have everything you need to create a winning cover.

Tool Box

On the left hand side, there is a toolbox for you to use. This is where you select your cover size, background image, any shapes, or you can freehand draw something if your artistic.

Book Bolt Review
The design tool

Again, design based upon what is selling instead of what you personally like.

Royalty Free Images

You’ll notice that Book Bolt does not provide any images for you. However, you can certainly add royalty free images to your cover to further differentiate them from the crowd. Here are three websites you can use to get royalty free images in the niche that you are designing a cover for:

Adding these images can either give you a base to work from, or at an accent to an otherwise plain design.

Step 3 – Pick Interior

Once your cover is designed, the hardest part is behind you. Now it’s just time to create the interior.

To create the interior, all you have to do is click on the interior button at the top of the designer. This will take you to the screen where you can select from a bunch of pre-made designs. Simply select the interior that you would like to use, enter the page number, and select download to get a usable file.

Book Bolt Review
Pre-Made Interiors

Custom Interiors

If you’re feeling particularly creative, Book Bolt allows you to create a custom interior from scratch. The designer works exactly as the cover designer does so you will have totally free rein to create whatever you want.

Let your imagination run wild…

Step 4 – Keyword Research

Now that you have your main design completed, it’s time to make sure it gets found in search. To do this, we need to find keywords that people are searching for two including our descriptions and titles.

Book Bolt has a very easy to use keyword research tool. On the left hand side menu, there should be a little skeleton key that says keywords. When you click that, it should take you to the keyword research tool.

Book Bolt Review
How To Find Good Keywords

Once inside this tool, you can simply enter words related to your niche and it will spit out variations that people are actually searching for on Amazon. You want to look for something that has higher volume and might be a little bit more obscure to have the best results.

Step 5 – Write Description

Once we know what keywords we are optimizing for, it’s time to write a description for our book. This is what people will read inside of the product listing.

For this, keep it very simple. Click on a few books that show up at the top of Amazon search and model your description off of theirs. Make sure that book is in the same category as yours and look at what they’re doing.

Book Bolt Review
This is the Item Description

Do they include a bullet list? Do they talk about the specs on the interior in the description? Do they give an outline of the ideal customer? Look for all these things and write your description accordingly.

Step 6 – Pick Categories

This is another crucial step. If your book is in the wrong category, it’ll be shown to the wrong people and nobody will buy it. There’s a very simple way to find the right category for your book.

On the left hand side of Book Bolt, there is a category tool. All you have to do is type in the title of a book you want to model and this will tell you what category that book is in.

Book Bolt Review
Category Finder

When it comes to uploading on Amazon, just select that category and you’ll be in the right category.

What Does Book Bolt Cost?

Book Bolt offers two plans, Newbie and Pro. Both can be paid for either monthly or annually. All Book Bolt plans come with a 3-day free trial.

Book Bolt Pricing
Book Bolt Pricing

Newbie Plan

This is the most popular plan by far. Included in this plan are all of the keyword in product research tools, the cover and interior designer, and the KDP spy Chrome extension.

This Chrome extension will allow you pull up sales volume and keyword data on any book in real time as you are surfing Amazon. It makes product research a lot easier.

The Book Bolt Newbie Plan is $9.99 per month or you can pay for the whole year and pay $89.99. The annual plan is the equivalent to getting 3 months free.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan includes everything in the Newbie plan, but it adds the puzzle creation software. This allows you to create the puzzle books I talked about earlier.

The Book Bolt Pro Plan is $19.99 per month or you can pay for the whole year and pay $199.99. In this case, the annual plan is like getting 2 months free.

How To Get A Book Bolt Discount

However, before you sign up the Book Bolt, I want you to know that you do not have to pay full price. I’ve taken the time to contact them and negotiate a discount for my readers.

Discount Code

If you use the discount code “dombavaro” at checkout, you will save 20% on all Book Bolt plans. If you want, hit the button below and this discount code will be pre-loaded for you.

How Can I Make Money Selling Low Content Books?

Creating and posting a low content book is easy, selling them can be a little bit tricky. Follow this process so that you have the best chance for success.

Setting The Right Expectation

First off, you need to go in with the expectation that this is going to take some time. Selling low content books is a slow and steady game. You want to go into this with the mindset of Johnny Appleseed.

Each day, you want to create one or two covers knowing there’s a good chance they’re probably going to flop. However, after enough time has passed and you have created enough covers, a few of them are going to pop.

It’s going to be these few that pop that start making you the most money. 90% of your income will probably come from 2 to 3 books. It might also take you creating 75 books to find those three.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away.

Solid Keyword Research

Like I said before, finding what’s already selling and then recreating it is the single best way to find success doing this. Solid keyword research is how you’re going to find what’s already selling.

By using the KDP spy tool as well as the keyword tools provided by Book Bolt, spend some time looking for keywords that have high search volume and are a little off the beaten path.

Everyone and their mother is going to title their book “note book” or “Log Book” if you can attach a niche specific word to your title, it will increase your chances of showing up first in search and making a sale.

Creating Multiple Designs

Even though you might have found a good keyword, it’s a good habit to create multiple designs. Creating multiple designs can I have a few benefits:

Appeals To Multiple Tastes

Just because you found that a floral design on a composition notebook is what’s selling, the customer might not like YOUR floral design. You may have chosen a flower that they don’t like or color that doesn’t vibe with them and their palette.

Book Bolt Review
My wife’s design in 2 colors

Try creating similar designs in different colors and patterns around the same guidelines. This way, you can appeal to the most people and make the most sales.

Takes Up “Real Estate” In Search

Let’s say you found a good keyword. It’s got low competition, and it’s fairly easy to rank for. If you only create one design based on that key word, you only take up one space in the search results. If you can rank one book, you can rank 10 for that keyword.

If you can get 10 books ranking on the same key word, it doesn’t matter which design the customer chooses, chances are it’s going to be one of yours. If 7 out of the 10 search results are your books, there’s a very good shot you’re making that sale.

Staying Consistent

Remember, this is a long game. You will probably not see results right away. If you stay at it creating two books a day for two months, you will have 60 books in your portfolio.

It takes about 45 minutes to create two books.

Staying consistent will make sure you have a lot of books out in a short amount of time. By putting out a lot of designs, you’re increasing your chances for success.

Being Patient

Because this side hustle is mostly based around search, you need to be patient. You don’t know how long it’s going to take for someone to search up what you’re putting out.

You also don’t know how long it’s going to take Amazon’s algorithm to start placing you at the top of search. It could be a week, it could be a month, it could be a year.

However, once you have a design created it will stay up forever. That’s the beauty of this. If something starts selling, it generally never stops selling.

Bonus: Leveraging Social Media

If you’re impatient, or want to try to get results faster, you can always leverage social media to generate more traffic you your books. Let me give you an example:

My wife is very big into the “Disneybounding” community. Not a huge influencer, but she has a few hundred people that follow her.

Once she heard about Book Bolt, she wanted to create an outfit planner and sell it through Amazon KDP.

She spent a day creating the cover and interior and got everything posted up on amazon. After it was live, she posted to her Instagram account and talked a little bit about it.

Here is that post:

After that post went live, the books started selling in a few days and they really haven’t stopped since.

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you want to pick up a copy of that same outfit planner, Follow this link:

Book Bolt Review

Rogue Princess Outfit Planner

Book Bolt Review
Ours (well, her) first couple sales


The process of writing a book can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With software like Book Bolt, you don’t need too much time or skills to create your own low-content books that are perfect for selling online as a side hustle.

All you need is an idea and the right tools—and with patience, these passive income streams will grow into something substantial over time. Get 20% off the cost of Book Bolt by following this button!

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