2022 Builderall Pricing 4.0: The Most Affordable Funnel Builder? 

By  Dom Bavaro

 October 10, 2020

Builderall is a comprehensive, All-In-One marketing platform that allows you to launch or grow your online business. For Builderall 4.0, they ditched the old 5-plan system and instead offer two plans now. These two plans are called the “Premium Plan” and the “Premium Funnel Club” Plan. This article will break down the different Builderall pricing plans and tell you what’s included with each one.

TL;DR Review

Builderall is a great “all-in-one” funnel builder for those on a tight budget. Not only will it build funnels, but it will handle your email marketing, product mockups, support tickets and much more. At $69, you really can’t beat the price point. It does just as much, if not more, than software costing 4 times as much. Their affiliate program also offers a great promotion opportunity.

Now having said that, I feel the software can be clunky to use at times. I’ve used funnel builders that were much smoother, but they also cost more than double. However, if you’re just starting out and looking for an affordable funnel builder that also has a great affiliate program, look no further than Builderall. The $1 trial can’t be beaten.

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars



User Experience

The Different Builderall Plans

Premium Plan ($69.90/Month)

Builderall 4.0 ditched all of the lower plans and instead combined them into the premium plan. This plan includes over 30 different tools that you can use in your online business and here’s a breakdown of each one…

Cheetah Website Builder

The Cheetah Website Builder is new for 2020 and it is Builderall’s signature website builder. It is a tool that allows you to create a traditional website for your business in a drag and drop style. This style of website builder is perfect for someone who is not technical and wants to simply click and drag a website element to where they want it on a page.

Builderall Pricing and Plans

You create each page of the website individually in Cheetah and naturally you begin with the homepage. When in the editor, pages are made up of “panels” and “elements.” The panels are the main sections of the web page, and the elements are the actual widgets displayed on the page.

To make web design easier for the beginner, Builderall has created done-for-you “panels” that you can just drag and drop into position. Want a menu across the top? Done. Optin page in front of a background image? It’s a single click away. This way you can have a perfectly laid out page in a matter of minutes and it’s just a matter of changing the colors, pictures and text for the look and feel you want.

See my full write-up of Cheetah here.

MailingBoss Email Software

Builderall Pricing and Plans

The other tool that is included with the Builderall Premium plan is the Mailing Boss email marketing platform. This is the tool that stores all of your collected email contacts and automatically sends out your marketing emails in a predetermined sequence. This type of tool is required when getting into online business. This is what allows you to email every single customer of yours regularly without missing a single one.

First, you create a list where you want email addresses to collect from your website. Then, you write a series of emails that you are going to send to that list. Last, you set a predetermined frequency for those emails to go out. For instance you can set the emails to go out every other day. Then, as emails are added to the list, they are followed up with automatically according to the sequence you set up. All that’s left for you to do in manage the replies that come back if there are any.

The Premium plan allows you to collect unlimited email addresses so you’ll never have to worry about running out of room.

To Grab 30 Days of Builderall for just $1, Click The Button Below:

15 Custom Domains

The Premium plan allows you to add up to 15 custom domains that lead to your website or websites. This way you can use special domain names to promote special web pages or funnels.

Live Chat Support

You’re going to run into issues. However, with the Premium plan, you can live chat with support, have your problem solved immediately, and get back to making money.

Funnel Building

A sales funnel is a series of web pages that pull your customer through the sales process and shows them what you have to offer in the most effective way. It differs from a traditional website because you have control over the order in which your customer sees things.

On a website, you put up content and products and hope that they enter their email and end up in the cart section. In a funnel, they enter their email in exchange for something free, read a sales page about your main offer, buy that main product (hopefully), and then are shown an upsell sequence. Every single customer gets the same experience in a funnel because each web page only has one action for them to take or not. If the person doesn’t enter their email, they don’t see the main offer, if they don’t buy your product, they don’t see the upsells. Funnels are powerful because people don’t see the right pages until they’re ready.

It’s important to have both a website and a funnel in your business. A website is great for someone who is just getting to know you and your brand and starting to build a relationship with you. A funnel is great for the customer who’s ready to buy and has their credit card out. The premium plan allows you to have both types of websites for very little money.

Funnel Sharing

Chances are you’re getting into this as an internet marketer and not as a brick and mortar business owner. In the internet marketing space, it’s very common practice for people to share converting funnels with one another. Internet marketers are a fraternity of sorts and they like to help each other out from time to time.

With Builderall in particular, you want people who have signed up under you to do well. Builderall will pay you a commission every month when someone stays with the platform. If you are the one that referred them, this can add up to a lot of money over time.

If you have something that works, this function allows you to click a button and import it into your referrals account so they can hit the ground running and start making sales right away. If they start making sales quickly, they’ll keep paying and you’ll keep earning commissions.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is what tells your customer your site is secure and that their information is as risk. Without getting too technical, a site without an SSL certificate will give your customer a warning that their information isn’t safe upon entering. This is usually enough to spook them and make them run away from your site. Go to a site that has “http://” instead of “https://” to see what I mean. An SSL certificate builds trust with your customers and puts them at ease.

Normally you’d have to pay for an SSL certificate, but Builderall includes it with this plan.

Site Backup

This is worth the cost of the plan by itself. Imagine having spent weeks building your site and list only to have some technical glitch mess it up and have it be gone forever? That’s a very real possibility without backup. With the Premium plan, you get free site backups so this doesn’t happen to you.


If you’re growing your business and building relationships with your customers, it’s imperative that you have some sort of CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager and it is a tool that records, sorts, and stores all of your customer interaction so you can pull it up quickly later.

When I sold cars, it would often be months between visits from regular customers. If I knew I had someone coming in, all I had to do was look up their name in my CRM and it would display all the notes I had on them as well as an email history between us. This made it appear like I had an awesome memory and really solidified the bond between me and my customer.

If you can’t remember what you and a customer talked about weeks ago, look it up in the CRM. This is not limited to just emails either. You can enter birthdays, anniversaries, dog’s names, anything really. Having a CRM is like having an eidetic memory as a superpower when it comes to remembering things about your customers and giving things a personal touch.


Chatbots are quickly gaining in popularity. If you’ve never interacted with a chatbot before, it’s kind of like a little automated support person. Your customer can ask them a question and they respond with pre-determined answers that you’ve written. Think of it as an interactive FAQ section that looks like a real person is doing the answering.

Chatbots also are used to let people know when you’re hosting an event or going live on Facebook or YouTube. It’s more personal than an email, but not seen as intrusive as a text message. It’s sort of an in-between method of contact for marketers.

The Premium Plan allows the use of ChatBots on Facebook Messenger as well as your Cheetah Built Website.

WordPress Integration

The Premium Plan allows you to integrate WordPress into your Cheetah-built website. It’s well known that marketing online requires the creation of relevant content on a regular basis, and if you’re choosing the blogging route WordPress is the best platform to do it on hands down.

While you can write a blog in Cheetah, you have to make each page individually and it can be quite clunky to operate and make each page match exactly. With WordPress, you just give the blog a theme and start typing. The appearance is adjusted automatically.

Most people choose to blog as their method of content creation because it doesn’t involve being on camera like video or hearing your own voice like podcasting. If you choose to blog, I highly recommend the Premium Plan. It will make your life so much simpler and easier.

Membership Areas

Plan on going the info product route and selling a high ticket course? The membership area feature allows you to create and host your course inside Builderall. It will store and administer all of the lessons as well as create custom accounts for your students and customers. This is all done in the simple drag-and-drop style as well.

Webinar Tools

It’s no secret that the best way to sell high ticket items is with a webinar. The Premium Plan allows you to create and automate the perfect webinar. Your attendees will have access to chat as well as be able to see what your offer is all about. After all, you spent the time creating your course, why not sell it in the most efficient manner?

Virtual Assistant Limited Access

As your business grows, you will start to employ Virtual Assistants to handle the mundane day today tasks while you focus on the tasks that make the most money. On other platforms, allowing a VA into your marketing account meant giving them full access to everything. This requires a lot of trust in your VA.

With Builderall, you can allow limited access to VA’s so they can only change what they’ve been hired to handle. This will put your mind at ease and allow you to rest easy. This feature alone is worth the cost of the Premium Plan.

Premium Funnel Club ($199 Up Front, $99/Month After)

Special October 2020 Promotion!

Buy Funnel Club Before Oct 31st and Get Funnel Club For The Same Price Of Premium! ($69.90/Mo, $0 Upfront)

In addition to the Premium plan, Builderall 4.0 now offers the Premium Funnel Club. This is meant to supplement the Premium plan by giving you access to tons of converting funnels for you to use in your own business or offer to others as an agency owner.

It’s important to know that the Premium funnel Club includes everything that the Premium Plan includes along with the following:

Niche Lead Capture & Sales Funnels

If you’ve been in business at all, you know that lead generation and upselling are important skills to have. The Builderall funnel club actually gives you access to use pre-built funnels specifically to generate leads sell add-on products. There are 50+ funnels to choose from and they are built and tailored to specific niches.

No matter what niche you’re in, you should be able to find a pre-built, converting funnel to use to get up and running in no time.

Niche List Building Funnels

As a marketer, you know that your list is the most valuable asset you can have. As a member of the Builderall funnel club, you’ll get access to 20+ list building funnels along with a high quality lead magnet to use as your own.

This way, if you’re new to marketing you can simply set up your funnel & lead magnet and start building a list on day 1.

Builderall Premium Funnels

One of the best thing about Builderall is their affiliate program. Builderall offer’s 2-Tier commissions meaning that not only do you get commissions on your sales, but on sales made from the people you sign up.

The Builderall funnel club includes 10 Funnels built specifically to sell Builderall 4.0. How cool is that? I mean who better to sell Builderall for you than the people who built it?

If you are looking for a funnel builder to promote, this is reason alone to upgrade to the Funnel Club.

Weekly Funnel Adds

As a member of the Builderall Funnel Club, you’ll also get ongoing access to any new funnels that are added to the club. Builderall has dedicated funnel builders that are cooking up new stuff every week. The funnel club ensures that you don’t miss anything.

Becoming A Builderall Affiliate

If you plan on promoting Builderall as an affiliate, you will need one of two things to be accepted into the program. You will need either a large following on social media or a subscription to the Funnel club.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you do not already have a large social following so you’d have to join the funnel club to promote Builderall.

As someone who earns multiple hundreds of dollars a month on autopilot from the Builderall Affiliate program, I recommend promoting them.

So, Which Plan Is Right For You?

Choosing a Builderall plan is easier now than it was in the past because they simplified their offerings so much. In my opinion, the only reason you’d go with the Funnel Club over the Premium plan would be to access the “done-for-You” stuff or if you are looking to promote Builderall as an affiliate.

If you haven’t already, grab a Builderall Account Here and get started building your business. Have a great day and good luck.

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