2021 Clickmagick Review & Pricing: The Best Tracking Software For Affiliates? 

By  Dom Bavaro

 January 18, 2020

Clickmagick is a tracking software used by many affiliate marketers and online businesses. It allows you to track where your traffic is coming from and how your customers are behaving. This clickmagick review will give you Clickmagick pricing information as well as give you an overview of what Clickmagick does…

Clickmagick Review


  • Link Tracking Is Important As An Affiliate & Clickmagick Allows For A Ton Of Info
  • Clickmagick Is An Affordable, Powerful Software
  • You Can Try It Free

The Problem That Clickmagick Solves

As an affiliate, you’re limited in what data you can track because you don’t own or control the sales or checkout pages of the products that you sell. Generally speaking, your control ends after the email optin.

Clickmagick allows you to pixel your customers and tracks them through pages that you don’t control. It gives you data that you would otherwise not have.

Why Is Clickmagick Tracking Important?

Data tracking is arguably the most important part of your business. Without tracking, it’s almost impossible to tell what types of content are working and what traffic sources perform the best.

By being able to track where your traffic is coming from, you can produce more of what’s working and really supercharge your results. It also shows you where to cut wasteful spending of both time and money if you find that is not working.

This way, you’re not throwing good time and money after bad. Instead, that extra effort can be placed into something that is working instead and get you much better results.

Why Clickmagick Is Needed Sooner Rather Than Later…

The best time to start tracking your data was yesterday. If you can’t go back in time, then today is the next best time to start. It’s important to track from the beginning because as a new marketer, you won’t see much of any traffic for the first few months.

However, when the traffic does start to come, it will come all at once and everything will start to light up at the same time. At that point, it will be helpful to know where it’s all coming from so you can focus on that source.

Maybe this has already happened and you’re now looking into figuring out where sales are coming from. Either way now is a good time to get it set up.

ClickMagick Pricing: What’s Offered On The Different Plans?

Clickmagick has three plans available: Starter, Standard, & Pro. The plans build on each other and each plan includes every single feature from the plan below it.

Starter Plan ($27/Mo)

As the name implies, this is a great place to start. I’m two years into my business and I still find the starter plan to be adequate although I’m close to graduating.

The Core Features

The Starter Plan includes all of the “core features” of Clickmagick. This includes the following:

Unlimited Tracking Links

Clickmagick allows you to create unlimited links to place anywhere you’d like online. Once someone clicks, Clickmagick will record the click along with the person’s geographic and browser information and place it in the stats.

Clickmagick Pricing & Review

Unlimited Sub IDs

Sub IDs are a great way to test content against each other. Say you were promoting a product like ClickFunnels for example. You would create a tracking link for Clickfunnels in Clickmagick like “www.yourdomain.com/clickfunnels” and then add your sub IDs after the slug in the form of slashes

This could include the location the link was posted, (www.yourdomain.com/clickfunnels/blog) the article in which it was posted (www.yourdomain.com/clickfunnels/blog/review), and even the location within the post (www.yourdomain.com/clickfunnels/blog/review/button2).

You can get as granular as you’d like with your data by adding more and more slashes. It looks like this in the dashboard:

Clickmagick Pricing & Review

This way, you can see which posts or content channels attract the most clicks.

Flagged & Blocked Clicks

If you’re into online marketing, you know that not all clicks are created equal. The quality of a click is determined by whether it’s human or bot, the country it’s coming from, & whether or not it’s considered abusive.

Clickmagick can determine all of these qualities and will either “flag” or outright block those clicks if you tell it to and keep a separate count of them for you. It looks like this in the dashboard:

Clickmagick Pricing & Review

You can even filter out your own internal clicks so that you testing your links do not throw your stats off.

Custom Tracking Domains

Clickmagick allows you to hook up your domains so that your tracking links look exactly like your normal links. This increases continuity across your brand and increases trust and conversions with your customers.

For instance, your normal link could look like “www.yourdomain.com/thing” and your tracking link could be like “t.yourdomain.com/thing” to keep it all looking the same.


Clickmagick allows you to place a tracking pixel in all of your links so that you can track conversions and actions on websites that you do not control. This is very helpful as an affiliate.

These pixels also allow you to re-target people who have clicked on them.

Link Rotators

If you’re in the business of selling clicks, such as a solo ad provider, you can use one link and evenly (or unevenly) distribute clicks to your customers. Clickmagick will automatically distribute clicks either round-robin or at random based on a percentage.

Starter Plan Limitations

The starter plan includes all the core features, but it limits you on the amount of data it can retain and the number of clicks it will track.

10,000 Clicks a Month

Tracking is limited to 10,000 clicks a month or an average of about 300 per day. I don’t run much paid traffic so this limit has not been a problem for me. 2 years in and I’m generating about 250 clicks per day.

6 Months of Storage

The starter plan keeps a 6-month backlog of data in the system for you to analyze which if you’re starting out is plenty.

Where To Get The Starter Plan

If you want to grab a 14-day trial for the Starter plan, click the button below:

Standard Plan ($67/Mo)

The Standard plan is the next step up. It includes everything in the Starter plan plus:

Increased Support (Live Chat & Phone)

When you upgrade plans with Clickmagick, you get more responsive support. Now I’ve never needed support because there is a wealth of information and tutorials on YouTube about it, but on the standard plan, you can hop on a live chat or phone call with a Clickmagick rep if you’d like.

Phone Sales & Cross Device Tracking

This may be worth upgrading for depending on your business. The standard plan can track the same person on different devices as well as give you the ability to manually track a sale made over the phone.

If someone clicks your link on their phone and then finishes the transaction on desktop, the standard plan will record that, but the starter will not.

1 Year Data Backlog

In addition to the added features, the standard plan keeps your data for an entire year instead of 6 months like the starter plan.

100,000 Clicks Per Month

This is probably the biggest reason to upgrade Clickmagick if your business is growing. It increases your tracked clicks by a factor of 10.

Unless you’re running some serious paid traffic, I doubt you’ll need to track more than 100,000 clicks a month.

Where To Get The Standard Plan

If you want to grab a 14-day trial for the Standard plan, click the button below:

The Pro Plan ($97/mo)

If your business is mature and you’re in need of some serious capacity, the pro plan is for you. the Prop plan removes all feature limits from the Standard plan meaning you can track unlimited funnels and hook up unlimited domains.

The only limit to the Pro plan is the number of clicks that Clickmagick will track and that’s 1 Million clicks a month!

If you need more than 1 million clicks a month tracked, I’m sure you can work something out with Clickmagick directly. They’re a pretty responsive company.

ClickMagick Review: Final Thoughts

Clickmagick is a tool that allows your business to gather data that it would otherwise be unable to capture. It allows you to make data-driven decisions on what content to make as well as where to place your links to get the most bang for their buck so to speak.

By integrating Clickmagick into your business you can focus on what’s working and stop devoting time and energy to what’s not.

To start your 14-Day free trial of Clickmagick, click the button below:

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