2021 GetResponse Review & Pricing: Easy To Use, Affiliate Friendly Email Software 

By  Dom Bavaro

 January 10, 2020

GetResponse is a simple to use, affiliate-friendly email autoresponder. A good email autoresponder has a must-have for any internet marketer, and in this Getresponse review, I’m going to give a breakdown of what Getresponse does as well as what it costs.

GetResponse Review


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First, What Is GetResponse?

An email autoresponder, such as GetResponse, is software that can send a pre-written sequence of emails to your customers without any input from you. When someone opts into your list, they’re automatically added to the sequence and emails go out automatically for however long you’ve written them for. Some internet marketers have written email sequences over 100 weeks long. That’s over 2 years!

Why Do I Need An Autoresponder Like GetResponse?

A rule of thumb in internet marketing is that you should be emailing your entire list at least weekly. As your business grows, it’s impossible to keep up with all of your contacts manually. Not everyone is at the same point in your sales process so a batch blast of emails won’t work. You need to tailor your email to each and every customer individually and the autoresponder is what does that for you. All you have to do is get someone to opt into your list and your work is done. All that’s left to do is manage the replies coming back.

Having an automated email sequence is what allows the top marketers to send out thousands of emails every day without fail. No human could ever email a list of 25,000 people each week. Your fingers would fall off at the end of day 1. This is also what allows you to take a day off (or six) without missing an email going out to the list. Harness the power of automation so you can kick back and relax.

How Can GetResponse Help My Business?

By placing your customers on a predetermined email sequence with GetResponse, you can ensure that they all receive the same emails and that the sales process is the same every single time. When the sales process is followed 100% all the time, your sales go up and you make more money.

GetResponse especially helps affiliates because most autoresponders do not allow affiliate links. For instance, if ActiveCampaign gets wind of you using affiliate links in their autoresponder, they can and will shut you down. GetResponse has no problem with affiliate links and you are free to use them here. Not that you should spam anyone with links, but you can add a few here and there without fear of getting shut down.

In Addition to Automated Email, What Else Can GetResponse Do?

In addition to automatically sending emails, Getresponse can do a bunch. You can build landing pages, full funnels, host webinars, and also sell e-products directly from your GetResponse account.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a must for every affiliate marketer. They are what creates the bridge between the ad or content and the product offer. They are also what captures the email address for future follow-up. GetResponse allows you to build unlimited landing pages even on their basic package. This is great for affiliates because they might promote 20 different products and need a separate landing page for each one.

Landing pages are created using a drag and drop style page editor for ease of use. It’s quite simple to create a landing page with GetResponse. Just select a template from the list, drag and drop your elements from the right-hand side, and then change the images and text to what you want. It takes 10 minutes to get a page active.


Funnels are created the same way landing pages are, but it’s up to you to arrange the pages in a way that will convert. The basic plan however only allows one full funnel to be built. In order to build more than one, you must step up to the standard plan.


Live webinars are the best way to sell high-ticket items. GetResponse allows you to host up to 100 people on a live webinar presentation. However, the webinar feature is not available on basic and you need to move up to the standard plan to get them.

Selling e-Products With GetResponse

GetResponse has the functionality of e-commerce and payment processing as well. If you are selling physical or digital items, you can add them to any landing page or funnel and have the ability to collect money from your customers right there without sending them off to Shopify or some other third party. All you need to do is integrate a payment processor to process the credit cards.

How Much Does This All Cost?

The GetResponse basic package, which includes everything above except webinars, is only $15/mo for the first 1000 contacts. When you get up to 5,000 contacts it jumps to $45/mo and 10,000 contacts jump to $65/mo. However, if you follow the rule that you should be making $1 per contact in your list per month, GetResponse is stupidly cheap. Heck, even if you maxed the plan out at 100,000 plus contacts it’s only $450/mo. I would gladly pay GetResponse $5400 a year for the software if I was making $1.2 Million in return.

GetResponse Review: Final Thoughts

GetResponse is a perfect tool for an affiliate marketer. The unlimited autoresponder sequences allow for seamless follow-up with your leads while the unlimited landing pages allow you to promote as many products as you want with simple opt-in pages. Not to mention the basic pricing is dirt cheap and you can try it free for 30 days here. You can’t go wrong with GetResponse.

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