How To Make Money With Builderall Quickly (In Like 7 Days) 

By  Dom Bavaro

 February 15, 2020

When starting Builderall and even affiliate marketing in general, a lot of people struggle to earn those first few commissions. I know I did. It took me about 18 months before I started to earn commissions on a regular basis. This article will show you how to make money with Builderall and earn those first few commissions quickly, possibly even this week. I made my first commissions inside of 10 days.

Make Money With Builderall


  • Builderall Is An All-In-One Marketing System
  • They Also Have A Great Affiliate Program
  • Here’s How I Made $250 in 10 Days With It

What Is Builderall?

If you’re reading this article, I assume you already know what Builderall is. If you don’t, they are an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows anyone to take their business online. You can create websites, funnels, mobile apps, and so much more with the platform. They also have a CRM and email autoresponder included. They have a ton of plans to choose from and really are a great value if you’re just starting out.

In addition to being a great tool for your own business, they have a phenomenal affiliate plan that allows you to make money promoting it to others. They offer monthly recurring commissions, it’s free to promote, and they even pay $500-$1000 a month towards the car of your choice if you have enough monthly subscribers under you. This article talks about how to get the affiliate side of Builderall going.

If you’re not already an affiliate, you can sign up using this link. It’s free. Now, let’s get down to business.

My Personal Results

Before I get into how to make money with Builderall techniques, I want to share with you the results I got from using this method. These figures are from my first 10 days promoting. They’re not shocking, but they’re attainable and relatable.

7/22/20 UPDATE: I’ve generated over $1,300 passively using this method in the past 5 months. I stopped actively promoting Builderall in March (another opportunity presented itself) but the commissions just keep rolling in.

Screenshot for proof:

How To Make Money With Builderall

70 Leads Generated

How to make money with Builderall

Above is a snapshot of my dashboard 10 days in. I already have 70 leads in my account to start working on. Keep in mind that every single one of them is still in the 2 week trial period (some have already upgraded to paid though) so the actual conversion numbers are still quite low.

$194 Earned

Here’s the spot I bet you all skipped to. How much did I make? Well, I made $62.91 American, and 118.53 Euros. At the time of this writing, a Euro is $1.10 and I’m American so I’m getting paid $193.29 in US dollars.

How to make money with Builderall

What’s interesting about this is that it shows I have 75 total leads in my network. That means that the affiliates in my second tier (those who I personally signed up) have signed up 5 additional people already. Builderall allows for a 2-tier commission system which means not only are you paid on the plans you personally sell, but the plans that your sponsored affiliate sell as well. If those 5 people end up buying, I’ll get paid even though I have no idea who they are.

Where The Commissions Came From

I earned my commissions from people that signed up before the trial period was over. Why would someone start paying early and not take full advantage of the 14-day free trial? They most likely already knew about Builderall and were ready to go. They were the hottest type of traffic. Search traffic. I’ll get to that in a minute. . .

How to make money with Builderall

Builderall pays a 100% commission on the first month’s payment and 30% thereafter. There is a processing fee taken out though which is why the commission is slightly lower than the plan amount. Going forward, these 4 sales will generate $64.63 of monthly income for as long as they continue to use Builderall. If I teach them how to succeed in online business and they do, they will be with Builderall for a long time.

Because I’m a new account, my first round of commissions are on hold for 35 days. Afterward, it’s a 5-day hold.

How Did I Do It?

Here’s what you really want to know. Here’s the answer to the question “How to make money with Builderall?”

I did this using paid traffic and invested about $70. To hear the details of how I did it, keep reading. It’s not a simple answer.

The Automated Machine

The key to making money with Builderall quickly, or any affiliate program for that matter, is to build a machine that can run automatically once you’re done building and that you can send paid traffic to directly. This will ensure that while you’re waiting for your organic traffic sources to build (they take far too long for me) you can start earning commissions right away. This also ensures that your existing leads are nurtured, trained, and followed up with while you’re out looking for new business.

I’m a stay-at-home dad. I need all of the automation I can get because I really only have about 2 hours a day to devote to my business. Here is how you set up your money-making machine:

Create Helpful Content

This is the thing everyone hates and doesn’t want to do, but the truth of the matter is, it’s required if you want free organic traffic and to be able to sit back every now and then. If you’re purely relying on Facebook or Instagram, as soon as you stop working, the leads stop coming in.

The average Facebook post is only relevant for about 2 days and the average Insta is only good for about 18 minutes. To ensure you have content that isn’t single-use, you need blog posts or YouTube videos. Once those are created, they sit on the internet forever.

This content is meant to teach new signups on how to make money with Builderall both in their own business and as an affiliate. Most people will sign up for the Builderall free plan unless they see a need for the paid plan. As an affiliate, I don’t get paid for free plans. To encourage paid plans, I need to show my customers how they can genuinely benefit from the paid plan. To do this automatically, I create blog posts or YouTube videos answering the most common questions they have.

Write an Accompanying Email Sequence

The problem with creating blog and video content is, it takes a really long freaking time for new content to start getting found on the internet organically. To combat this (and help my people immediately), I wrote an email to accompany the content and sent it to my customer.

When someone signs up to Builderall, I get their email address as the referring affiliate. I pre-loaded all of the emails that go with my content into my autoresponder and set them to go out automatically. When I add someone to the list, they get a predetermined sequence of emails helping them to get started making money.

Run Paid Traffic

This whole content/email machine only works if it has traffic. Traffic, a.k.a. people looking at your stuff, is the last piece of this puzzle. Organic traffic happens when people find the content you created on their own, and paid traffic happens when you pay a search provider to place you at the top of the list. I paid to send people directly to my Builderall affiliate link from Google Search.

Organic traffic will take months to build. If you want to get paid this week, you need paid traffic. Fast and Free do not go together on the internet.

Content Details

The content I created fell into three main categories:

Training Content

This content consisted of tutorials on how to use the many features in Builderall. I got familiar with the software and built a mailing list as well as an email sequence. Once I was comfortable, I made a few videos demonstrating how to do tasks that my signups would need.

Informational Content

This type of content was meant to answer questions. How much does Builderall Cost? What is included with each plan? As I had questions myself about Builderall, I found the answer and created a blog post about it.

Email Sequence Details

For the email sequence, I followed a general formula that is well known in the affiliate marketing world. In this article, I go more into detail. This is meant to give you an overview.

Soap Opera Sequence

This consists of the first 5 emails in the sequence. It is designed to bond with the customer and introduce you as their sponsor. I tell my story and ask questions of them in hopes that they answer me. I genuinely want to get to know as many of my signups as possible.

Here is a YouTube Video I made on how to write an email sequence.

Offer Assistance

Remember those pieces of training content I created? These emails are meant to direct people to them. It’s a quick “how are you” followed by a link to the content. If my customer has bonded, they are very willing to check it out.

Other Relevant Tools

After I point my customer to the training content, I give them a chance to implement before suggesting other tools that may help them. Builderall is a phenomenal tool, but it is not a true all-in-one solution. It does have a few limitations.

Traffic Details

There are many ways to run paid traffic. You can take out Social Media ads, Search Ads, Buy Solo Ads, or any other number of things. For me, I like to target search traffic because it is the hottest traffic there is. I ran a Google Search ad directly to my Builderall affiliate link.

How To Find Hot Traffic

Search traffic is the hottest type of traffic because you can choose exactly which keywords you appear in front of. For example, if someone was looking to sign up for Builderall and had already made up their mind, they would Google search something like “Builderall sign up page” or “start Builderall trial.” If I placed my ads in front of those searches, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a buyer if they click my ad.

Contrast this with running a Facebook or Instagram ad. Someone on those platforms is looking to mindlessly scroll their feed and kill some time. Chances are, someone will click your link if it’s cool, check out your page, get distracted, and you’ll never see them again. Search traffic has a specific intent to find something. Social media users are just casually looking for nothing in particular.

Other Platforms

Google, although the most popular, is not the only search platform. Bing and Yahoo allow search ads on their platforms as well. Running ads on these platforms has lower competition and therefore lower ads costs. Lower ad cost means more profit for you.

What’s Next

What I plan to do now is reinvest my profits from this first month into ads for next month. After next month I plan to reinvest again. I hope to be running thousands of dollars in ads in 3 months while bringing in many more in return. After all, we are only talking about reinvesting the first month’s commissions. Anything after the first month earned on a recurring plan is 100% profit that I get to keep.

While I’m growing my email list rapidly and my training content is aging in, I should start to see a huge uptick in my organic traffic over the next 6 months. Sales gained from organic traffic are also 100% profit. I will tweak as necessary and really start to optimize this part of my business. Once this model is working for Builderall, I plan to duplicate it for other programs as well.


So there is a recap of how I made my first Builderall commissions in just 10 days’ time. I have documented the process and laid it out so that you know how to make money with Builderall too. You create training content, write an accompanying email sequence, and run paid traffic until organic starts catching up. Over time, the snowball will get bigger, your business will build steam, and you could get up and running in a short amount of time.

Again, if you are not a Builderall affiliate and would like to become one, here’s a link:

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