2023 Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Review: My Results & Bonuses 

By  Dom Bavaro

 February 1, 2023

Legendary Marketer 15 day challenge



  • $7 Is Basically Free (Money Back Guarantee)
  • I Personally Had Big Results Afterwards
  • No Hype, Perfect For Beginners

There is a training program that seems to be having a surge in popularity right now. I’m hearing more and more people talking about it and a lot of the new influencers (including myself) in the Make Money Online space are products of this training. It’s called the Legendary Marketer 15 Day challenge and I thought I would see what it’s all about. I personally took this challenge and here are my thoughts & results after taking part.

If you prefer to watch a video, here it is from my YouTube Channel:

How I Heard About The Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge

I was first exposed to Legendary Marketer on TikTok of all places. I heard a few people talking about the power of the platform on Facebook and I thought I’d see what I supposedly missing. I found their TikTok accounts and noticed they were all promoting the same thing and it was called Legendary Marketer. At the time I was building a Builderall campaign, so I decided to keep the idea on the back burner and go about my business.

I then saw a Facebook post from my friend, James Hussey who runs The Online Student. He posted about a “cracking book” (he’s English) on affiliate marketing that was only $7. I’m always looking to get better at affiliate marketing and for $7 I thought “why not?”

It turns out the book was written by none other than Dave Sharpe, the guy who runs Legendary Marketer. I actually forgot I got the book (I get distracted a lot) until I was on TikTok again and saw people doing well and posting crazy commissions as a result of taking the 15-day legendary marketer challenge.

Since the book includes admission to the challenge, and I don’t have time to sit and read a book, I figured I’d take the challenge instead. After all, if you want to promote Legendary Marketer as an affiliate, you need to take the challenge first.

My Initial Expectations (I Was Wrong BTW)

I’ve been around affiliate marketing long enough to know that both the book and the challenge are really just a lead magnet. They are meant to give you a taste of what the company is about so that they can sell you a larger package of some sort. Because of this, most lead magnets don’t have much value to them and I thought this was going to be more of the same.

I was really just taking the challenge in order to get my affiliate links. At least that was the thinking going in.

I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Boy was I wrong! I had low expectations going into this and I’m happy to be proven wrong. First off, I am a huge skeptic who can smell a sales pitch a mile away. Now while the challenge does have an upsell offer for the Business Blueprint Bundle (more on that in a minute), it actually does give a ton of actionable information that you can implement right away.

I was truly blown away by what this challenge has to offer. See my results below.

What Impressed Me About Legendary Marketer

While going through this challenge, there were a few things that impressed me about both the challenge and Legendary.

There’s No Hype

What impressed me the most about Legendary Marketer is Dave’s teaching (selling) style. He is very direct, has a ton of integrity, and has no hype about him. While he does wear some jewelry, the persona doesn’t fit the fashion statement. He knows that what he teaches works and understands that he can’t force you or pressure you into doing anything. A lot of “gurus” will try to create urgency and scarcity and try to get you to act right now or else you risk missing out on something. Dave doesn’t do any of that.

Dave is different. He has the attitude of, “If you want to learn this, great, here’s the information. If you do nothing with it or choose not to pursue it further, that’s okay, I won’t take it personally.” There’s never any arm twisting or pressure. I actually said no to the Blueprint Bundle offer at first and was shocked when I encountered zero resistance from the sales rep.

As a career salesman, I expected some sort of rebuttal to try and overcome my objection, but that never happened.

You Get Access To An Actual Person

Another thing that impressed me was how involved the challenge was. For only $7, I got access to a business development coach, a corporate advisor, and two weeks of “hold-your-hand” training. That’s unheard of for a lead magnet. I spoke with my advisor, Josiah, 3 times over two weeks and he answered the questions I had each time with no BS in his answers.

It Assumes That You Know Nothing

When taking online training, the person giving the training almost always makes an assumption that you already know a little about the material first. Legendary on the other hand assumes that you know nothing. This challenge is perfect for someone who is 100% new and totally green.

I personally found some of the early modules to be a little basic because I have prior experience, but if I were totally new to the game I would understand the concepts 100% when I was done with them. This level of detail is rare in entry-level training.

My Personal Results After The 15 Day Challenge

Before I go into what the challenge itself contains, let me share with you my results after both taking the challenge with an open mind and doing what is suggested no matter how silly it seemed at the time. I want to make it known that I also invested in the blueprints and the marketer’s club because I liked what I saw in the challenge. Here is a collage of my commissions earned in my first 90 days after completing the challenge:

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge

If you don’t feel like adding, that’s just over $6,000 in commissions in my first 90 days. I’m not posting this to brag, I’m posting this to show that this stuff works when taken seriously. In my previous 2 years of marketing, I took every course with a chip on my shoulder and my commissions totaled about $350 in 2 years.

These are just my commissions in the “make money” space. If you count my commissions in the DIY space, it’s almost $7500 in commissions. This challenge will teach you how to sell anything online, not just “make money” products.

If this is all the proof you need, you can sign up for the challenge here:

>>Take the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge<<

What’s In The Challenge Itself?

Now that you have an idea of how I feel about the challenge, let’s dive into what the challenge itself covers:

Days 1-5: Getting Started

The first few days are all about making sure you understand what online business is all about and gives you the 30,000-foot view so to speak. You’ll learn what the “Core 4” online business models are, what it means to leverage your time so you can actually spend less time working, and you actually schedule the first call with your business plan advisor.

The DMAQ Quiz

On the first day, you actually take a quiz (Digital Marketing Assessment Quiz) so that your business plan advisor gets an idea of how new you are. They’re not there to waste their time or yours, so by taking the quiz, you’re making sure that everything you talk about with your advisor is relevant to where you’re at in your journey.

At the end of Day 5, you really have an idea of what you’ll be learning and where the online world can lead if you choose to pursue it. It’s at this point where you’re offered the Business Blueprint Bundle for the first time. This is where I said no initially.

Days 6-8: Showcasing Results

If there’s any part of the challenge that’s a little salesy, it’s these three days. These modules are all about showcasing the results of those who have taken advantage of the blueprint offer made on day 5. Keep in mind that they are showing the people that have had the biggest results and the results are not typical. They’ll never show the person who made no money as a result of the training.

My Decision To Invest In Myself

It was during these three days where I decided to take advantage of the Business Blueprints. In the first two years of my affiliate marketing career, I said no to almost every training that was being offered to me because I didn’t want to be “sold.” However, each year I saw a new crop of affiliate marketers that had a breakout year and go on to make $30k+ a month and I couldn’t figure out why.

Something That Never Happens

While watching the Legendary testimonials, I had something happen to me that has never happened before. I recognized almost everyone in the testimonials. Everyone that’s had a breakout year in 2019 is a success story that’s talked about in this training.

I even went through old emails I had (I’m on a lot of marketing lists) and noticed that I was offered a lot of courses from these people months ago. They were offered for under $100 then and are now being sold for $997. That’s because I was being offered the courses while the person was still a “nobody” and before they broke out.

My Two Choices

I decided in this moment that I had two choices. I could say “no” to yet another training and watch yet another crop of people break out in 2020, or I could take advantage of the offer, say “yes” and hopefully be one of them. I decided to make the investment and buy the Business Blueprint Bundle. I called Josiah back and he facilitated the transaction. The Blueprint Bundle also includes the Decade In A Day Workshop which I felt was worth the price of admission by itself. More on that later.

Days 9-11: High Income Skills

After you’ve made your choice to invest or not, Dave starts breaking down what are known as “high-income skills” and why you need to learn them. A high-income skill is a skill in which you get paid for the results that you generate and not the time you put in. This is how business owners are able to generate over $200,000 a year ($4,000 a week) while only working 40-50 hours a week. They’re not getting paid $100-$150 per hour, they’re getting paid based on the amount of money their work generates for their business.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the first high-income skill that Dave teaches you about. Lead generation is the ability to keep customers flowing through the doors of your business. Dave uses the example of a sandwich shop. If you don’t have people walking in your store during lunchtime, you’ll go out of business pretty quickly. Quality lead generation is what keeps people walking through the door.


Copywriting is the process of writing an effective ad, letter, or email. Effective copy persuades the reader to take a specific action. To continue with the sandwich shop example, effective copywriting is what persuades the customer to order the most expensive sandwich on the menu. There’s a science to achieving that and Dave teaches it on day 10.


Presenting is the last high-income skill that’s taught. Presenting is the ability to close a customer when they are in your business and ready to buy. A good example of this is car sales. The best car salesmen are able to entice the customer to make a buying decision on the spot and take the car home with them that same day. Again, there is a science to this and it’s taught on day 11.

Day 12-14: Advanced Business Skills

After learning high income skills, Dave teaches what I call advanced business skills. Things such as outsourcing your busy work, using other people’s money to fund your business, and setting up an LLC properly are all discussed during these lessons. It’s during this section where you speak with a corporate advisor about setting up an LLC for yourself. Again, this is unheard of as part of an introductory challenge.

Day 15: The Race To The First Sale

On the last day, you’re presented with the Business Blueprint offer one last time. This time, they explain the Decade In A Day workshop. That workshop is an 8 hour long, live zoom call with Dave and Matt, his Chief Marketing Officer. During this workshop, you’re walked through the process of setting up a paid advertising campaign with a “done-for-you” system. They give you a product that’s currently converting and allow you to copy and paste an ad that’s currently making sales.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you make your first few sales ASAP.

By giving you a campaign that’s proven to work, you now have something to model your own ads after. This is so much easier than staring at a blank screen and guessing what might work. I was able to take the done-for-you template and get it the point of making $100/day within 3 weeks.

The Business Blueprints

So what’s included in the Business Blueprints? The business blueprints give you a road map to follow when setting up each of the “Core 4” high ticket business models. The core 4 models are affiliate marketing, info product creation, coaching, and hosting live events. The blueprints deliver as much value (in fact a lot more value) as the challenge does and they are taught in the same straight forward manner. I have only taken the affiliate marketing courses so far and I can say they are well worth the price of admission. I was very nervous about investing in them, but I’m glad that I did because they have paid off big time.

Parting Thoughts On The 15 Day Challenge

If you’re curious about the affiliate marketing world, the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge is a great way to start and for $7, its price can’t be beaten. If you’re serious about making a full-time income, the Business Blueprint Bundle is a must. You will not need to purchase another training afterwards.

So far, I’m happy with my purchase and I recommend it to anyone that’s just starting out as well as someone who’s looking to take it to the next level.

Bonuses For Signing Up With Me

As for bonuses, anyone who signs up for the challenge under my affiliate link will get access to my 9-Day Affiliate Launchpad Challenge too. Building an affiliate business requires technology, and I haven’t yet found a training that teaches the entire setup step by step. I’ll show you how to get past the early tech hurdles in a step by step, click by click format. Once this is finished, all you have to worry about is creating content and making money.

You also get access to my Affiliate Starter Kit which is a done-for-you, converting affiliate funnel in the DIY space. I used this funnel to start making some money early on to cover my expenses.  I got it to start producing $100 in commissions a day in just 14 days.

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