2021 Marketing Boost Review – Offer Free Vacations To Your Clients 

By  Dom Bavaro

 January 21, 2020

Marketing Boost is a relatively new service that allows you to provide your clients with free vacation stays around the world. This marketing boost review article will discuss what the program entails, what it costs, and how it can benefit you and your customers.

Marketing Boost Affiliate Program


  • Marketing Boost Allows You To Give Away Vacations Free
  • This Can Drastically Increase Your Sales
  • You Get A Free Vacation For Signing Up

What is Marketing Boost?

Marketing Boost is a unique service provided by veterans of the hotel industry that has created a network of contacts all around the world. By leveraging that network, they have given business owners and salespeople the ability to exponentially increase their sales numbers by giving away free 3-night vacations to new and existing clients. Imagine being able to throw in a free night vacation somewhere in order to sweeten the deal for a potential customer. Well, Marketing Boost gives you that ability.

How Does Marketing Boost Work?

Marketing Boost is made possible because hotels do not sell every room every single night. The fact of the matter is, about 30% of hotel rooms sit empty each night. By giving away these otherwise unsold hotel rooms for free, the hotel properties can put more guests on the property to spend money in other ways. These guests are likely to spend money either in a restaurant, on excursions, or in a gift shop for example.

The process begins when a marketing boost member provides their customer or client with a redeemable vacation incentive. This incentive is in the form of a coupon code to be redeemed online. Once on the redemption site, the guest chooses which hotel they would like to stay at. They are responsible for travel to and from the location, but the three-night stay is free of charge.

marketing boost vacation incentives. give away free vacations
This could be your client…

Where Are The Marketing Boost Properties Located?

Marketing boost offers vacation incentives for over 40 properties across six continents. The majority of the properties are located in North America, but there is a fairly large concentration in Europe as well. You can actually check out a complete list here. These are all four-star and above luxury resorts that have a nightly rate of about $300 USD.

How Can Marketing Boost afford to do this?

I was also skeptical when I first heard of this concept. However, when you look at it from the hotel’s perspective, the whole idea begins to make sense. Each hotel participating in this program has to pay expenses such as electricity and heat in all of their hotel rooms, even the ones that are unsold.

By giving away the unsold rooms, they are putting customers on the property to spend money in other ways. They understand that when somebody stays in a hotel, especially a nice one, they are likely to spend money at the amenities located on the property. The hotels use this money to offset the cost of the unsold room. All of a sudden, a deadweight cost becomes a profitable (and probably repeat) customer.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

This program can benefit just about anybody who deals with clients one at a time. Internet and affiliate marketers can add vacation incentives as part of their bonus packages, financial professionals can provide these as gifts to existing clients, real estate agents can give these incentives as a thank you for purchasing a home from them, automotive salespeople can offer these to potential customers to ensure that they buy the car from them.

I was in the automotive industry for almost a decade, and the number of people who would buy somewhere else over a $200 TV was staggering. If I had this in my arsenal, I would have made so many more sales personally.

marketing boost sales professional
Close The Deal Easier…

Are The Vacations Totally Free?

Not entirely, but the costs that are asked of your customer are negligible. When redeeming the online incentive, your customer will be responsible for the sales taxes and resort fees associated with each hotel. However, they only average about $20 USD a night. Obviously, airfare will also be on them, but the vacation incentive will save your customer an average of about $1,200 USD.

What Does It Cost to Become a Member of Marketing Boost?

Marketing Boost offers 3 membership levels. There are silver, gold, and platinum level memberships at $97/mo, $197/mo, and $297/mo respectively.

Marketing Boost Silver Plan

At $97 a month, the Silver plan enables you to give away 10 vacation incentives per month. In addition to the vacation incentives, you are also able to give away 10 restaurant incentives. The restaurant incentives have a retail value of about $200 and can be used at a number of restaurant chains. In addition to being able to give away these incentives, Marketing Boost puts on live mastermind web classes each month that you are able to attend. These classes will help you sell their program. And to top it all off, you are given a three-night vacation incentive to use for yourself and your family! Essentially, the $1,200 a year pays for the free vacation that you get.

Marketing Boost Gold Plan

When you move up to the $197 a month Gold program, everything that is included in silver applies. In addition, you are able to give away unlimited vacation incentives and are given access to the comprehensive video training library that marketing boost has to offer. Also included at this level, are pre-made sales funnels and landing pages specifically for your industry. To help offset some of the additional cost, marketing boost will also pay you a $15 Redemption Commission. This means that whenever a customer redeems a vacation that you give them, you will get paid $15 for each one.

Marketing Boost Platinum Plan

A platinum plan is really tailored towards social media marketing agencies. This $297 plan allows everything that is included in the gold plan, but you can apply it to up to five different businesses. Because you are a much larger customer, you are also given priority when it comes to customer support.

Marketing Boost Review: Final Thoughts

To sum this all up, marketing boost offers a unique way to add value to your customers and sales process. It doesn’t matter whether you are an automotive salesperson, a real estate agent, an internet marketer, or a financial professional, you can benefit from the services that marketing boost has to offer. By being able to offer a free three-night vacation, you will have a leg up on all of your competition.

The small investment required to activate the Marketing Boost advantages will come back multiple times over in the form of increased sales or higher gross profits. Give you a business the boost that it needs and sign up for Marketing Boost here.

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