SEO Sniper School Review 2022: A Super Deep Dive From The Guy Who Created It 

By  Dom Bavaro

 March 16, 2022

In this article, I’m going to take a deep dive into my latest endeavor, SEO Sniper School. This product is the culmination of almost 5 years of trying to piece together this thing on the internet they call SEO.

After realizing there was a lot of demand to learn SEO and me not being able to coach people individually through DM’s, I decided to package this up into an info product.

Take a moment to read this article and gather some insights that you will not see on the sales page. If you have any questions, feel free to join and post them inside my Facebook group.


SEO Is my newest and latest info product creation. I saw the slimy trends going on in the “Make Money Online” and decided to offer something of my own that had more value for less money.

Over 7 days, I teach my members how search engines work, how to create organic content that gets found by their ideal customers, and how to collect their information passively and follow up with emails to make sales.

This model is applicable to ANY business new or existing that relies on getting new customers to make more money. This program shows them how to find these new, warm customers passively by answering questions that they’re asking.

It’s $249 and comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. I’ll even give you one lesson free so you know what to expect when purchasing. Here is a video version of this review article if you prefer to watch:

Why I Created SEO Sniper School

Let’s start by talking about why I created this course in the first place. I alluded to some reasons above, but there were really two main things that I saw recently that caused me to take action.

Tired of “Gurus” Pushing Fake Passive Income

If you spent any time scrolling social media in the “make money online” space recently, you will probably see 20 or 30 posts from people talking about how will the average person can make “passive income.” However, what you don’t realize is that all of the methods that these people are touting as passive are anything but.

Let me be clear. There is no method of making money online that starts out as passive. Not even mine. However, grinding it out on Tik-Tok & IG reels getting people to comment a specific phrase and then selling them in the DMs will never become passive income.

Yes, some of these people buy in the overnight while you’re sleeping, but that does not make it passive income. They only bought in the overnight because of all the work you put in during the day before. If you took a step back for a week from this type of business, sales would dry up almost instantly.

So no, you’re not teaching people “passive income.”

I Was Tired Of “Income Claim Marketing”

Another method of selling “make money” courses that I’m really tired of and a trend that is getting really out of hand is Affiliates using income claims screenshots to sell their courses. Yes, showing the results of your method and “proof” that works sales courses in this space.

However, a lot of these affiliates and the creators of these courses show course sales as their affiliate commissions. Essentially, they’re bragging to you about how much money they’re making selling to people like you.

As soon as you buy, the person you bought from is going to blast the commission they earn from selling you all over to the internet. You’ll probably see the post about them bragging about the commission they made on you.

I don’t do this. Yes, I sometimes will show screenshots of commissions made. However, the difference in my post is that I may be showing a screenshot of how many bath bombs I sold, and then showing you a course on how to sell bath bombs.

Do you see the difference? It’s subtle, but it makes all the difference in the world.

Who is SEO Sniper School for?

Now since I have an affiliate background, and my audience is mostly aspiring affiliates, it’s fair to say that a lot of affiliate marketers are going to purchase SEO Sniper School. However, this program has a much broader appeal than just aspiring affiliates. Here are some of the groups of people who I feel will benefit from my program.

Introverted Affiliates

As I said, a lot of Affiliates will buy this course. So I might as well start here. SEO Sniper School will work for any affiliate who is a little bit introverted and may not want to be a talking head on camera.

You see, a lot of the high ticket programs out there teaching affiliate marketing focus on you positioning yourself as the authority in your space and then recommending the program that you just took. Many times they recommend publishing short-form videos like Tik-Tok and Instagram Reels to drive your traffic.

The problem with these platforms is that they require you to get on camera and make really large income claims to sell those courses. You may or may not feel comfortable doing that.

SEO Sniper School is different. Instead, you can focus on publishing long-form articles on a blog and then just wait for people who watch those videos on Tik-Tok and IG Reels to start researching on Google.

A lot of people who watch the influencers and authority figures talk about a product don’t immediately jump to the link in bio. Instead, they closed the social media app and go to Google to get more information. This program will teach people how to “snipe” that traffic and make commissions without getting on camera or really putting themselves out there.

An introvert’s dream.

Existing Businesses Who Need More Leads

If you have an existing business, short-form video is king right now. However, you may not have the time or the desire to start cranking out short-form videos to generate leads. This program will teach you how to put a long-form body of content in place that will get found when people are searching for services that you offer.

This program teaches how to create your content in such a way that it generates leads on its own with these passive views. If done right, after this body of work is created your existing business will be generating new leads every single day without spending any time or money to acquire them.

I like to use the trades as an example. If a plumber created content explaining the possible causes of a clogged drain or the potential problems lurking in old cast iron pipes, it would pop up when somebody searched into Google “why is my drain slow?”

A lot of the potential causes are outside the realm of the average DIY’er. If the plumber offered their services at the end of the article, anyone searching on Google who is local to them would probably call them and that plumber would probably make a sale.

If the content was well written and informative, they would probably be able to charge more money because the person knows what kind of work they’re going to get.

The style of approach also works for realtors, chiropractors, or really any other service-based business looking to generate more leads.

Digital Nomads

Right now, living the van life and being a “digital nomad” is a very hot trend. With the price of housing in the stratosphere, more and more people are looking to pack up and live on the road. The problem with this is that Wi-Fi isn’t always available. If your online business relied on you cranking out social media posts every single day and responding to every single direct message, what would you do if you parked up somewhere without fast internet? This is a reality a lot of digital nomads face.

If you had a network of searchable content that popped up whenever somebody searched for your services, collected their information passively, and then followed up through a series of automated emails you would really only need good internet two to three days a week.

I know this because somebody I know made $1.7 Million dollars living in a van with Spotty Wi-Fi doing stuff like this.

Sound like your cup of Tea? Check out a free lesson by following the button below:

What does SEO Sniper School teach?

The Main Concepts


Since it’s in the title, I might as well start with SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process by which you optimize your content to get sound for a specific keyword. This includes writing your headings correctly, making sure you include keywords in your content, and getting relevant backlinks from higher authority sites in your niche to help index your content correctly.

This is important because according to a study done by GE Capital’s Retail Bank, 81% of consumers do some sort of online research before buying something. If there is no SEO element to your content strategy, you are leaving dozens of sales on the table.

Most people do not buy cold off of social media they need to conduct more research and warm up to the idea of purchase before actually pulling out their credit card. Generally, the last piece of content they see before pulling out the credit card earns the commission or books the client.

Lead Collection

However, SEO only goes so far. Getting views from search and simply popping up in front of prospective clients isn’t enough. My program also teaches how to take those views that SEO generates and convert them into leads that you can follow up with indefinitely.

There’s a specific process and a specific method that converts higher than the rest. It has to do with loops that you open in your content and then close them on a different platform. The person viewing the content has to become a lead in order to mentally close that Loop.

Again, most people do not buy directly from content. Most people need further nurturing and unless that view turns into an email lead, you have no way of getting back in contact with somebody who has viewed your website.

Email Follow-Up

Speaking of email leads, well-written emails are what actually close sales online. A well-written email that targets a specific pain point, can 100% replace a direct message conversation with a prospect.

I teach a simple 5 email sequence that takes somebody from a “hand raiser” submitting their information to “How much is it? I think I need this” to “Ok where do I sign.”

This program also teaches how to prequalify your email leads so that only people who are further along in the buying process get the really sales-y emails. Send a hard pitch to a cold client is the fastest way to have them unsubscribe to the list.

Each Day In Detail

Day 1 – SEO Terms & Overview

On the first day of the program, I assume that you have never heard of SEO before so I spend a fair amount of time going over terms to know and helping you see the big picture before we really dive into the details.

SEO Sniper School Review
The Lesson List From Day 1

You’ll learn the differences between search and social traffic online and how you should be thinking when creating your content to convert on search versus social. At the end of this day, I give you a homework assignment to help cement what was taught in the course into your brain.

Day 2 – Keyword Research

When it comes to getting found in search, if you don’t know what keywords your customers are putting into the search engines, you’ve already failed before you started. Today’s lessons focus on finding keywords that your prospective customers are typing into the search engines AND that you have a good shot ranking for.

SEO Sniper School Review
Day 2 Lesson List

This means avoiding highly competitive keywords where you are competing with Fortune 500 companies. Instead, I have you focus on more of the obscure keywords that most of your competitors may not even know about.

Think of it as leaving the fleet of fishing boats to go find your own quiet spot but nobody knows about but there is still plenty of fish.

Day 3 – Website Construction

A big thing that holds a lot of people back when it comes to creating search content, is the actual construction on their website. Traditionally, if you want to have a site that is going to rank in search, you needed to build it on WordPress. WordPress is a great platform, but it is a chore to create and build.

SEO Sniper School Review
Day 3 Lessons

On day 3, I walk you through a brand new website platform that is both easy to use and ranked highly in search. In fact, I walk you through building an entirely new website in about 10 minutes.

Day 4 – Creating Your Search Content

Once you have your keywords picked out and your website built, it’s time to actually create the content that is going to be found by your customers. The lessons on day 4 will teach you how to create your content in such a way that they only get found by people searching for the keyword you want to get found on.

SEO Sniper School Review
Day 4 Lessons List

This process not only gets you passive views but also qualifies the people looking at your content. I also talked about how to structure your calls to action so that they convert the highest amount of views to leads.

Day 5 – Seeding Search Content With Social Media

It’s well-known that search traffic and search content takes a long time to build and develop. However, I have a very simple process that harnesses the power and speed of social media to help get your content ranking faster.

SEO Sniper School Review
Day 5’s Agenda

Day five talks about creating a Content Delivery Network so that you can get a quick 200 to 400 views on all of your new search content when you publish it. This way, the search engines can index faster and decide where to rank you quickly.

Day 6 – Building Your Authority For Search

Not all websites are created equal. Search engines will put a lot more weight behind the words that Forbes says than what a personal blog says. This lesson is all about getting votes of confidence from highly established websites so that your website carries more weight online.

SEO Sniper School Review
Day 6 Is Short, but powerful

This will cause you to rank for more competitive keywords more easily.

Day 7 – Automating Your Email Follow-Up

Once we collect the lead, it’s our job now to convert them into a sale. This is primarily done through email. There are a few copywriting lessons where I walk you through the email process and what pain points to touch on in each email in order to create the most amount of sales.

SEO Sniper School Review
Day 7 Lessons

I also have a few lessons on how to tag your leaves and segment your list so that only the hottest leads get the most sales-y emails.

Does SEO Sniper School teach affiliate marketing?

Short answer, yes. If you have been exposed to affiliate marketing before, this program will teach you how to do it the right way. This program does not teach what affiliate marketing is, but rather how to focus your efforts to get the best results.

Again, this will work for both affiliate businesses and traditional businesses that are looking to generate leads. Over time, the goal was to turn leads into sales.

Will SEO Sniper School work for my business?

As I talked about above, yes, SEO Sniper School will work for your business. SEO Sniper School teaches the art of passive lead generation. No matter what your business is, your prospective customers are searching Google for an answer of some sort.

It’s your company and your business are the ones to show up and provide that answer, it greatly increases your chances of collecting that person’s information as a lead to follow up on and eventually make a sale.

As long as people are searching for information about what you do and the services you provide, SEO Sniper School will work for your business.

SEO Sniper School Pricing

Now, the part of the article you probably skipped to haha. How much does the program cost?

Main Program Pricing

At the time of launch, the 7-Day SEO Sniper School program is $249. This includes access to seven days of SEO training, access to my cash cows mini-course (more on that later) as well as access to my email and content frameworks.

The Cash Cows mini-course I’ll show you where to find high-paying affiliate programs that other people might not know about. By promoting something that is lesser-known, there are fewer people creating content and as a by-product, keywords are less competitive.

Less competitive keywords means it’s easier to rank and get that passive traffic.

My personal email and content frameworks are what I use when I sit down to create a piece of content to get found. These will help keep you on track when you’re creating so that you’re not sitting there staring at a blank screen wondering what to write next.

Future Price Increases

SEO Sniper School will not be $249 forever. For every 100 purchases, the price will go up $100 until the price is capped a $997. However, this policy is subject to change. In the spirit of transparency, it’s something that I’m testing and it may or may not be around for the long haul.

Case Study Add-On

The biggest reservation people have when purchasing a course is not being able to see it in action. That’s why I’m giving people access to my live case study. One week after the course launches, I will be building a completely new affiliate brand and business from scratch using what’s taught in the course.

There will be seven 1 hour or longer Zoom sessions focusing on each day of the program. You will see me implement the strategy taught on that day as well as have a chance to participate in live Q&A with me. If you’ve already got something built, I will set aside time at the end of each session to do audits as well.

Access to the seven-week session (and later the recordings) will be $97.

How To Get A Taste Of SEO Sniper School Free

If you’d like to see one lesson from SEO Sniper School before making a decision on whether or not to purchase, you can watch this 10-minute session on content strategy by clicking here:

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