Skool: An In-Depth Look at Features, Benefits, and Pricing for 2023 

By  Dom Bavaro

 March 23, 2023

Are you a creator looking for a community platform that offers more than just a place to connect with others? Do you want to turn your passion into a profitable business while having fun and making new friends? If so, keep reading!

Skool is not just a platform for creators. It’s also part game, part business, and part learning. By joining Skool, you can collaborate with like-minded individuals on shared goals and interests, while earning a living doing what you love.

Skool offers a unique experience that combines social networking with entrepreneurship. You can use the platform to showcase your skills and talents, connect with others who share your interests, and monetize your content. Plus, with the added benefit of learning opportunities, you can continue to grow and develop your skills while building your business.

Don’t settle for an online platform that only offers a place to connect with others. Choose Skool and unlock a world of opportunities to collaborate, learn, and earn money while having fun.

Skool Review

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Why is Skool A Great Community Platform?

It can be tough to find the right online community platform that caters to your specific interests and needs. 

Most platforms are either too general or too specific, making it difficult to find the right one for you. And if you do find a platform that meets your needs, there’s a good chance it’s expensive or difficult to use.

Skool is different!

Skool is a community platform that’s designed for creators by creators. That means they know what you need and how to deliver it in a way that’s easy and affordable. Plus, their platform is packed with features that will make your creative process easier and more fun.

Skool Review

This review will delve into Skool’s great features, benefits, and pricing model to assist you in making an informed decision.

What Is Skool?

Skool is a platform that allows you to create an online community, offer courses, build subscription memberships, and engage customers through an interactive process.

It was founded by Sam Ovens, who also created the “Consulting Accelerator” course in 2019. With Skool, coaching programs become easier to manage, and masterminds can set and unify their group in a clear space. Customers can access support forums to get help from knowledgeable peers.

Skool allows you to monetize your passion by charging a monthly or annual fee, creating a unique online presence alongside other smart minds. It offers accessible resources that are easily findable, making learning opportunities unlimited. The platform provides features like DMing, broadcasting, event recordings, and more.

Skool helps increase productivity as all necessary components are available at everyone’s fingertips. It also allows for finished projects to become potential revenue streams by providing subscriptions or exclusive memberships that incentivize repeat use of materials. Skool takes all your hard work and gives it a home designed for growth and success.

Skool Features

One of the standout features of Skool is its course creation tool. Skool provides a comprehensive set of features that simplify the process of creating and managing course content.

Skool’s true strength lies in its community creation tools. From displaying engaging notifications, simplifying content consumption, and using game like and reward features, Skool ensures member engagement.

Skool also provides course takers with a visual calendar that offers an easy way to keep track of all their courses, upcoming events, and class times. This feature is especially helpful for staying on top of things and keeping everything organized.

Skool’s Online Course Platform

Skool’s online course platform is smooth and intuitive, allowing students to navigate courses without any learning curve. With the core curriculum of your programs added to the platform, community members can access content from anywhere and on any device.

The back-end allows you to combine content such as videos, images, and downloads quickly. Categories also help you organize your course into various sections, and each module can include multiple files and documents to help teach the material.

Skool also offers black and white action items for members to complete during their learning journey, and you can even offer transcripts to your members so they can review important time more quickly.

Skool’s Community Platform

As a community tool, the Skool platform allows course owners to engage with their members and build an active group. The platform feels similar to a Facebook group feed, where users and admins can create posts that include text, video, polls, or links.

Direct messaging allows for private conversations between instructors and students, as well as students and other students. This communication facilitates the building of relationships and interaction with the community.

Consuming Content

Users can subscribe, read, like, and comment on the posts in the forum. Users can also subscribe to get notified when new replies come in from other members, which helps keep them up-to-date with any changes or discussions within a specific post.

They can also attach their files to any answers they provide, making it easier for people to share resources and knowledge when needed. The functionality of this platform also allows for easy sharing on social media.

Member Profiles

Every member gets a profile that anyone in the group can view. Here, members can see each other’s activity and latest posts, encouraging them to engage with one another. Users can also direct message each other to discuss specific topics or questions.

Leaderboard Feature

Skool’s platform offers a leaderboard that shows who’s the most active and engaged member, it encourages people to take part in conversations and post high-quality content. As users make posts the community deems valuable, they receive likes from other members, which indicate appreciation for their contribution.

Skool Review

What Skool is Missing

While Skool offers a comprehensive set of features, there are some areas where it falls short. For example, Skool does not currently support video hosting, which means that you will need to use your own solution like Zoom or Loom when adding videos to your modules or lessons.

The layout and design of Skool’s course creation tools are fairly static and cannot be customized to a great extent. While this is intentional on the part of the developers, as they were going for a simple and minimalistic design, it may be a drawback for some person who prefer more flexibility.

Another area where Skool could improve is in its support for collaborative learning. While the platform does allow for posting and commenting on content, it does not currently offer any tools for members to work hand in hand, together, such as document sharing or collaboration functions. Skool does not currently have a dedicated mobile app, which means that users must access their courses through a web browser, which can be a lost opportunity for those who are always on the go.

What We Love About Skool

Skool has some limitations, but there are still many reasons to love the platform. One of its break-through features is the user interface, which is easy to navigate and accessible to all users regardless of their technical abilities.

New members receive a side panel that combines all the platform’s options, which eliminates confusion and guesswork. Another great feature is Skool’s customer support, which may not have live chat or direct tech support, but is responsive through email and quick to resolve issues.

Skool’s Pricing

Skool’s pricing structure is also worth noting. The platform offers a single plan that costs $99 per month, which is affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. This fee allows admins to manage a single group through the platform, and a group can have an unlimited number of members following unlimited courses. Additionally, Skool offers a 14-day trial so that users can try out the platform before committing.

Key Takeaways About Skool As Your Creator Platform

Overall, Skool is a great platform for online course makers and coaches who are looking for an easy-to-use solution to share their content, manage a group, and connect with their students.

While it may not offer the same level of complexity and fit customization as some other learning platforms, it is an affordable and accessible option that provides plenty of features and support. If you are in the market for a box all-in-one platform to manage an educational or training program, Skool is definitely worth considering.

The information provided on is for general informational purposes only. Every online business is different and individual results will vary. The earnings and income representations made by Dom Bavaro Programs are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. We do not guarantee your business’ success, and we are not financial advisors.

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